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Film Analysis:

Film Analysis By Haydn Jeavons

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Canted angle Low Key Lighting Sirens and shutters and torn posters create atmosphere and impression of the location Subtle music builds up a lot of tension ECU of eyes goes into CU of his face Straight into the action; engaging. Reluctant hero (humorous) Very calm High angle shot makes her look weak A lot of Close Ups. Stops chewing on his carrot which exaggerates the sound of the contracting woman Stereotypical female; damsel in distress Antagonist doesn’t even look at Smith when he says “what the hell are you looking at?”, gives an impression of his calm persona The entire film uses mainly already existing songs. Birds eye shot as he slides through the oil. Also low level shots so as not to make him look weak. High level shot when he jumps through glass Each word of title appears with sound of a gun shot; mirrors the style of the film Watch Genre: Action

Genre: Romantic Drama:

Genre: Romantic Drama Low key lighting when lorry is travelling Acoustic guitar has a sadness to it, which may be reflective of the scene High key lighting in the town No characters in background makes character look isolated Use of long shots makes him seem distant in terms of personality and what we know about him Pleonastic sounds of the wind and footsteps in the gravel exaggerate the silence Shot reverse shot of the two characters Winds get stronger when the third man enters the scene Low key lighting in office, makes it mysterious Watch

Genre: Comedy:

Genre: Comedy Establishing shot of mountains pans onto South Park sign, then into the town. Soft, uplifting music. Jump cuts from extreme long shot to long shot of Stan. Fast cuts of town members coming out of houses and waving. Tracking shot of Stan walking down the street. Transitions: mainly cuts. Shot/reverse shot of Stan talking to his mother. Over the shoulder shot of Stan walking down the street. Cross cutting between Stan walking to Kenny’s house and his mother. Match on action (Kenny shouts to Stan “Coming” and we then see him go to the door). Shot/reverse shot of Kenny talking to his mother. Music stops as Kenny calmly replies to his mum’s claims that he’ll end up in hell. Watch

Genre: Comedy:

Genre: Comedy Fast cuts and fast drum beat give their actions energy Wipe transition gets rid of time between two shots High angle shot of him climbing rock wall Exaggerated laughing sound Tracks alongside dog onto man lying on sofa who contrasts everything we’ve seen so far Upbeat music stops not long after we see him, suggesting that he is very different to everyone we’ve seen so far The slow nature ton the way he stands up suggests that he’s anti-Globogym Watch

PowerPoint Presentation:

Organ music: creepy, slow … Rain and thunder – gloomy film, negative. Girl screams as thunder claps. Flute music with violins; sinister Blood on gears, what’s about to come. Fast paced violin suggests adventure Opening credits mirror closing scenes of the film unknown to the audience Deep brass instruments; negativity of the film Water fades into fog. Good transition. Establishing shot of London over the bow of the boat Pan to young sailor looking out over the city Focus changes to Sweeney Todd, who steps into the foreground and music takes a sinister edge. Genre: Musical Thriller Watch

Genre: Mystery Thriller :

Genre: Mystery Thriller Fade to black creates a dark atmosphere Non-diegetic dialogue Tracking shot of old man as a narrator speaks (non diegetic), leading us to think that it’s him we’re hearing Shot reverse shot of old man and little girl Red filter in theatre with low key lighting Extreme long shot of magician shows our eyes are drawn to him from any distance Very low key lighting backstage Lightning flashes on old mans face. Music drops as he plunges into the water and it stays silent until bird’s wings flutter Music goes higher as danger rises Watch

PowerPoint Presentation:

Genre: War/Drama Watch Distinctive African music. Gives idea of the location Blue filter makes it seem cold High pitch violin has tragic tone Establishing shot of red cross centre Faces of Somali antagonists on van not lit. The shanty town in the foreground, with the richer area in the background Ambient sounds of cars, helicopter and crowds talking First people we hear talk are the Americans, this makes us side with them High angle shot of them surrounding the van Heavy guitar Low angle shot of man with megaphone

Genre: Animation :

Genre: Animation Positive upbeat music contrasts the isolation of WALL.E, but also reflects the unknown realms of the universe that he’s about to explore. High key light, emphasis on brown (dirty, uncleanliness of the planet) No obvious dialogue throughout Close up of his body revealing his name Low level shot as he roles around Point of view shot, WALL.E looking into the distance Match on action, stopping the music Zoom out onto entire desolate city coupled with shadowy music creates an atmosphere of mystery Blues and reds of Buy N Large stick out against the browns and yellows Birds eye view of newspaper headline Extreme long tracking shot of WALL.E along the pathway Watch

PowerPoint Presentation:

Sinister music – drums sound like army. Establishing-Pan shot; sets the scene as very peaceful Arc de Triumph and Eiffel Tower, landmarks help the audience recognise the setting. Low angle shot of terrorist – makes audience fear him Arabic music suggests he is from the middle east High angle shot of child – shows him as weak and powerless Speaking in “Arabic” without subtitles – can’t understand them, makes us suspicious. Suitcase beeping, repetitively like a clock; time ticking down. Zoom on mother of child with realisation of danger. ECU of terrorist’s eyes, not welcoming clearly antagonist Sirens (with lighter violin, makes them seem more likeable) High Angle Establishing shot of Paris with helicopter in foreground shows logo of eagle, gives away that they’re American. Heroic music stops as terrorists pull out guns and start shooting. Over the shoulder shot of terrorist getting ready to fight Point of view shot of the missile – wasn’t going to hit terrorist; shows Team America as incompetent Pan down on Team America surrounded by the carnage Watch Genre: Action/Comedy

Genre: Spy/Action:

Genre: Spy/Action African drums beating. Crane Shot of action, shows how high up they are and the danger that they are in Brass instruments stop and violin shrieks as antagonist jumps Calm throughout. Drums beat at tense moments reflects his heart beat. Change of focus pulls from African man to protagonist Retro phone denotes lack of technology, inferior Whip pan with whooshing sound. Birds-Eye view of Bond and the antagonist running through shanty town. Low angle shot by van. Fast cuts Tracking shot from side through the forest. Point of view shot through the leaves. High angle zoom shot, camera tracks antagonist’s movement becoming a low angle shot. Point of view shot of antagonist running away then bond looking at the JCB Establishing shot tracks down and shows antagonist running through in the foreground. Tracks him through the pipes. Watch

Genre: Sport/Comedy:

Genre: Sport/Comedy Music appears to be non diegetic, then we realise it’s diegetic because of he party. Echo of Lena shouting in the wardrobe. Match on action putting car key into the ignition. Police car tyres screeching and sirens – diegetic. Point of view shot looking in mirror at police car. Low angle shot of shorter police officer; even though being ridiculed has more authority within the scene. Point of view shot of oncoming cars. Tracking shot becomes over-the-shoulder shot of Lena. Fast cuts of all the cars crashing. Two-shot of Lena and Patrick . Zoom out into over the shoulder shot of a man in a room (low key lighting), adds mystery regarding his identity. Watch

Genre: Action:

Genre: Action Mid two shot. No other shots used for the first two minutes. No music until samba drums which gives away the South America locations Ambient sounds of sirens and engines Shot reverse shot of conversation with bartender Point of view shot of Jane looking at John Both concealing weapons, suggests that they are trained assassins. Door creaks as they shut it (pleonastic) Loud knocking on doors suggests seriousness in this search and danger Watch

Genre: Religious Mystery Thriller:

Genre: Religious Mystery Thriller Choral music adds to the religious connotations. Very solemn, no diegetic dialogue and slow music. Pleonastic sounds of the ring clinking and the hammer and chisel. Low angle shot of Patrick McKenna shows the power he has, added to the surrounding, older Cardinals. Jump cut as the member of the papal house hammers the chisel into the ring and we see a close up of his distraught face. Only seems to use natural lighting, gives it a more realistic feel. Watch

Genre: Crime/Action:

Genre: Crime/Action Upbeat theme music, which builds tension but isn’t too overpowering, which suggests that it’s not an out and out action film Close up of Tango’s face shows his calmness under pressure Point of view shot looking down the road at the tanker makes it look like a police chase show, this gives away his occupation to us. This is backed up by the conversation on the radio Music drops and becomes repetitive to build tension Watch

Genre: Sci-Fi:

Genre: Sci-Fi The camera shakes to simulate the ship shaking Shot/ reverse shot of C3-PO and R2-D2 talking Low angle shot as the empire ship closes in on the rebels Close Ups of the Rebels who are about to fight. High Key lighting, despite the smoke. Low Angle shot of Darth Vader and Storm Troopers Orchestral music, gives it the feel of an adventure Watch

Genre: Teen Comedy:

Genre: Teen Comedy Seductive music Tracking shot of clothes on the floor with noise from the TV and character’s dialogue His mother is wearing gold necklace, shows the class and how unfamiliar his behaviour is Match on action of the TV when he says “That’s a tit” T-shirt he’s wearing matches the colour of the wallpaper Medium close up/two shot of his parents looking at the TV suspiciously Close up of the “cock sock” when his dad takes the pillow Close up of his ashamed face Watch

Genre: Action-Comedy:

Genre: Action-Comedy Pleonastic sounds of sirens Footsteps as camera zooms slowly exaggerates the slow pace Fast paced music to match the cuts and level of action Fast tracking shot with lots of cuts Pleonastic whooshing sound every time the camera cuts Narrator has a British accent, like James Bond Sounds of camera sounds as shots are frozen and we hear the flashes Multiple close ups to show his relaxed facial expression Fire in the riots connotes the fire in his heart to be the best Blue light behind him gives him an angelic aura Shot/reverse shot of conversation with his chief Watch

Genre: Sports Comedy:

Genre: Sports Comedy Grainy, home camera style filming gives it a more genuine feel Rhythmic music represents rhythm of his life Flash as the camera cuts to him taking the shot (memories of childhood) Pleonastic sounds of hockey stick striking puck Home camera becomes point of view shot of his dad Low angle of his grandmother’s house makes the time ahead seem bigger and more challenging, coupled with high angle shot of child, showing him as fearful Low angle/point of view shot of his grandmother makes him seem more scared Watch

Genre: Animation:

Genre: Animation High pitch music gives it a mystical tone. Whoosh of the credits flying through the screen Trumpets become louder and sound heroic when Buzz flies past Close up of Buzz as first charact.er we see to make us feel associated with him Point of view shot of Buzz flying towards the planet Whirring as he spreads his wings, shows the technology of his suit Low level tracking shot of Buzz with background a blur to exaggerate his speed Goes from mid shots of individual robots to an extreme long shot as they all get destroyed simultaneously Music sounds sinister as the ground opens up Low key lighting as Buzz runs through the hallway Zooms out to over the shoulder shot behind an unknown character Watch

Genre: Action-Comedy:

Genre: Action-Comedy Tone of music and use of brass suggests adventure initially, Gong sound as the film title comes up Tilts from US embassy logo to focus specifically on blonde woman Long duration shots Ambient sounds of alarms and people screaming Two shot low key lighting in the car Eye-line match/point of view shot of girls in next car Close up of Chan’s face when on the phone shows reaction At times, subtitles aren’t used to show that Tucker can’t understand what they’re saying, we’re seeing it from his perspective Over the shoulder shot/reverse shot Watch

Genre: Fantasy:

Genre: Fantasy Pleonastic wind sounds to emphasise silence and eeriness Mr Gibbs speaking in a hushed voice to create a chilling atmosphere Eye-line match/point of view shot as Elizabeth realises what Lieutenant Norrington means Shot reverse shot of conversation between Will and Elizabeth Extreme-close up of her eyes when she sees the pirate ship Closes eyes and cuts to her eyes (same shot) now Low key lighting Fast zoom when there’s a knock on the door Watch

Genre: Crime-Comedy :

Genre: Crime-Comedy First shot fades in, then back out, then second fades in. The gap suggests it’d a flashback, as do some of the black and white shots Music is soft and tragic The graphic code is shown backwards as well as forwards to show two contrasting viewpoints Ambient sounds of a crime scene; sirens, helicopters and the voices of an anxious crowd Use of security camera make it seem like it’s being told back by police. Match on action “look out there” and the shot cuts to another panning the crowd outside the building with police in the foreground Reflection of helicopter is fragmented to show the broken relationship between the two bank robbers Shown through window because we are quite a distance from the characters Watch

Genre: Film Noir:

Genre: Film Noir Orchestral music, stops when gun is fired to emphasise shock and silence No close ups used at all, adds mystery Low key lighting enhances mystery Chilling music makes the audience think something is about to happen Woman isn’t afraid of waking up the man, has some authority, anti-stereotype. She’s not wearing make-up, makes her less glamorous Mr Lagana’s face is in the shadow, hides his expression Watch

Genre: Sci-Fi:

Genre: Sci-Fi Watch Establishing shot from behind the character has a really impressive background and captivates the audience. Only lit from his front, but as we’re seeing him from behind he is mysterious to us. As the camera tracks and pans round to his face, we see his face lit and identify with him. Flashback starts with light shining on the camera, then pans away from the light to a room with low key lighting. Match on action of the girl turning to look at younger David, then cuts into an over the shoulder shot from behind David looking at the girl. Close up of his face shows a lack of confidence. Point of view/match on action: “you’ve got a lot of pictures there”, then camera tilts down looking through the pictures. Blue filter when he’s underwater.

Genre: Comic/Action:

Genre: Comic/Action Pleonastic footprint sounds with wind Exaggeration of the colour blue Echoed ticking Bat Symbol on dark sky, makes it appear like he never sleeps Establishing shot of the buildings zooms into window which breaks Ambient sounds (cars) Exaggerated whooshing sound of harpoon Pitch rises as camera zooms in on clown mask Cars braking heavy, in a rush to get there Gun cocking Low angle shot as clowns get out of the car High key lighting in bank Green filter in the vault Joker doesn’t speak until gun is pointing at him, even then he is very calm, but also eerie Crescendo as Joker takes off his mask, with a close up Predominantly long duration shots Watch

Genre: Comedy:

Genre: Comedy Police sirens throughout the establishing scene suggest that the location is Fast cuts in the action scene, of various establishing shots of location. Zoom out is synchronous with the rewinding sounds in the music. Over the shoulder shot of Rico Fast cuts used to convey the energy and speed of what is happening Choral music to emphasise heroism. Hitchcock zoom as Ali sees the boy run into the street. Slow cuts in action sequence to mock the action in the scene Close up of him as he is being shot at; sows that he is used to this level of crime. Shot of car bouncing dissolves into close up of Ali’s face with his eyes closed; suggests it was all a dream. Colours focused on: orange and yellow. Yellow is quite a childish colour, representing the minimal power of its wearer, Ali G Watch

Genre: Spy spoof:

Genre: Spy spoof Fast tempo music to build suspense Establishing shot of mountains in Utah Fast cuts in the action sequence Everyone wearing bland colours except Austin to make him stand out Ding and glint of the Oscar exaggerate Steven Spielberg’s authority Pleonastic footsteps during the theme music Close up of Austin as he notices Britney Spears Low key lighting on music video set Pleonastic clicking of fingers Mechanic whirring of the fembot 180◦ rule not broken Watch

Genre: Comic Super Hero:

Genre: Comic Super Hero Wind whistling; open space, silence, peaceful. ‘Back in Black’ starts to play (non diegetic), then we see a radio and it becomes diegetic. Colours mainly brown; emphasises Tony Stark in his clean black suit. Shot/reverse shot of Stark and the soldier, shows contrasting personas of nervous soldier and confident Stark Hitchcock zoom; realises his weapons are being used against him. Point of view shot as soldier gets shot Sounds get muffled and covered with an unnerving whistling, to show his fear Hand held cam as he stumbles around trying to find cover, shows disorientation Birds eye view of him bleeding on the ground, with a transition to sunlight, transition to light through bag with foreign language being heard. Lack of subtitles adds to confusion as we don’t know what is being said. Spotlight on his face draws attention to him Watch

Genre: Fantasy Adventure:

Genre: Fantasy Adventure Low key lighting Tracking shot of the snake Tilts up to low angle shot of statue Harry Potter theme higher and eerie Camera tilts down to establishing shot of house with manor in the background Pleonastic sound of flames rippling. Low key lighting long shot of old man. Match on action/point of view shot looking out the window at the manor First dialogue in a hoarse voice High angle tracking shot (weakens him) Crow squawking connotes danger Blue filter to make room darker Pleonastic sound of stairs creaking Point of view shot of Wormtail talking to Voldemort Low level shot of snake slithering up the stairs Snake speaking parseltounge echoes Wormtail’s face at door not lit, makes him look creepy Green flash matches sound of kettle whistling Watch

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