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It is not a difficult task to obtain Cyprus citizenship forEU citizen who wants to make here their home. Visitors from EU zone do not need a visa to Cyprus and they enjoy free trade across the mermber countries. However, these conditions and regulations have to be met when submiting an application for Cyprus citizenship and one of the main prerequisites is to have regular source of income or an investment in Cyprus.


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CYPRUS CITIZENSHIP FOR EU CITIZENS The processes of obtaining a Cyprus citizenship for EU citizens are not complicated but there are still many official processes to be fulfilled before any person can apply or be accepted to be a Cypriot. Actually citizens of European Union are eligible to trade freely within the zone and can do business in Cyprus without any problem. As one of the countries in the EU Cyprus operates unified trade agreement and follows immigration rules of the body.

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However every EU citizen willing to take up Cyprus citizenship have to tender legal documents that show the details of his or her nationality as well as a proof of residing and working in the country for the last seven years. While the country takes a closer look into the source of income of applicants the mode of application for Cyprus citizenship for EU citizens is grouped into three types namely citizenship by naturalization exemption and marriage.

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Whichever category an applicant falls into he/she still has to provide residence and work permit issued by appropriate authority. All these conditions have to be met to get an approval for citizenship but nevertheless they are not very stringent and can easily be achieved by applicants. Cyprus is a beautiful country that has become one of the most loved places to visit on earth. It has a fast-growing economy that is driven by the tourism and real estate industry while it allows free trade corridor to EU countries. Its diverse economy however encourages international investors and business owners to use the country as a stepping stone and selling point to the EU market.

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Tourists from all over the world come to Cyprus to experience its mind-blowing natural environment particularly the amazing beaches from the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover there are delightful areas that will enable you enjoy this country to the fullest and as a member of the European Union it offers Cyprus citizenship for EU citizens with flexible conditions.

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