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Make the Home Seller a Strategic Partner By

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Make the Home Seller a Strategic Partner Most sellers have no idea about what happened during the six or twelve months their house was on the market. They d on’t know anything about the market or the marketing and advertising of their property. Sometimes they never heard from their realtor till it was time for the listing to expire and sometimes not even then.

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Here are some ideas:  Marketing  Pricing  Staging  Showings

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Marketing The Realtor has to consider this seriously and make it easy for them even write small scripts the sellers can use to direct their friends to e.g. the property Facebook page.

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Pricing This is a delicate matter in many cases and must be handled with care. The easiest way to keep the sellers expectations realistic is to keep them constantly informed about w h at’s happening in their market.

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Staging This is probably the area the sellers can contribute the most. A really motivated seller will listen to the Realtor and declutter and stage the house. Moreover will keep it that way all through the listing period.

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Showings Unless the property is vacant clients should be responsible for the showings. The buy e r’ s agent should always call them first and only if i t’s impossible to reach them call the listing agent. The sellers should make sure the house is always available for showings and in the best condition.

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Conclusion The Realtor should make the home sellers partners in the process. They know the property better than anybody else and they can share so many insights. They must cooperate for the staging and showings and they can help with marketing.

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