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Provides the Best Couples services in Feasterville, PA! If you strive to always feel emotionally safe in your relationship and get it, you will pay the price by becoming dull. Consult Dr. Hart at & get the bottom of your problem.


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I’ve been working with couples for over 20 years. During that time, I’ve made use of various theories and methodologies to understand and improve relationships, leaving me with an eclectic approach that allows me to individualize treatment to the specific needs of each couple. In general, however, we will begin by establishing the intention and level of commitment of each person. For those wanting to move forward, the restoration of hope is the first element of good counseling as people invest in that which they believe. We will then establishing a vision for the relationship, which incorporates the views and needs of both members. About Dr. Lori Hart

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Common Issues Communication (Defensiveness, Poor Listening Skills, Sarcasm, etc) Stonewalling (Withdrawing, Refusing to Communicate, Lack of Feeling Expression) Lack of physical intimacy Lack of Romance and Thoughtfulness Sex (Frequency, Level of Pleasure, Passion, Preferred Activities, Expectations) Emotional and Sexual Infidelity Differences in Childrearing Blended Family Issues Anger Outbursts Poor Boundaries (Wanting the other to think and feel as you do) Time Management Perpetual Distraction (By phone, kids, work, etc) Addiction (Substances, Gambling, Pornography, Sex, etc) Major Life Changes (Trauma, Health, Unemployment, Loss, etc) Mental Illness (Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, etc)

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Addiction When one or more persons is abusing substances or has a behavioral addiction, it greatly affects the relationship.  This is because addiction often is accompanied by irresponsible behavior and dishonesty, both of which are corrosive to a relationship.  Additionally, the addicted person’s priority shifts from his/her partner to the desired experience.  For these reasons, in many cases, it is best to treat the addiction prior to entering couples therapy.

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The Presence of a Third Party Couples can move pass the experience of emotional or physical infidelity if the relationship with the third party is over.  Couples therapy is not recommended for couples wherein one or more persons remains in the midst of an affair.  The reason for this is because affairs typically contain all of the elements of a new relationship.  The “new couple” experiences the same honeymoon phase as the original couple and each person is on their best behavior.  Simply put, it is difficult to compete with a relationship that is young and exciting and forbidden.

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Domestic Violence Domestic violence is an issue that constitutes a crisis situation – one that shoud be handled before the onset of couples therapy, as safety of the abused person is the first line of concern.  The abused person may want to consider acquiring emergency shelter with a family member or friend while the other seeks assistance with emotional control and anger management.

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Commonly Asked Questions What will we gain from Couples Therapy? How will my relationship improve? The needs of each relationship are different and so too then is the outcome. In general, however, you can expect the following gains: Reestablishment of hope Strengthened commitment to the relationship Increased levels of trust Improved ability to have honest and vulnerable conversations, communicating real feelings and needs Reduced defensiveness and increased understanding of the feelings which compel either of you to attack or to withdrawal Reduced power struggles Increased mutual respect Increased awareness of the dynamic nature of the relationship and reduced blaming

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What should I expect - The Process? I believe that life is about relationships and that the effectiveness of a relationship depends upon chemistry – finding the right person for you. This is true when it comes to therapy as well. Hence, finding a therapist who “fits” with you is necessary for success. Because of this, I offer a brief telephone consultation that will allow you to describe your situation and to get a general feel for our connection. This consultation is offered free of charge. If you and your partner are comfortable with me as your choice, the first session will be scheduled. I recommend the first two sessions be 1.5 hours. During the first session, both members of the couple are asked to be present. The second session will be split into two 45 minute sessions where each person will meet with me individually. After the second session, you and your partner should reconvene to decide if you would like to move forward. If so, I recommend a three month commitment to the process.  At that point, it is expected that your primary issues will have been resolved and that you will feel hopeful and happy about your relationship.

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Success Stories My husband doesn't believe in therapy so I was very worried about how our first session would go. Dr. Hart was able to engage him right away. She doesn't take sides and touts strongly that she "views the client to be the relationship." My husband and I both felt heard and respected. We worked through some very difficult issues and are rebuilding trust. We feel blessed to have found her. - Suzanne J.

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Testimonials WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY? “She saved us a lot of time, money and grief.” My wife and I decided to end our marriage… and Dr. Hart helped us to do that civilly.  She saved us a lot of time, money and grief.   She is very good at mediation – helping you see, understand, and care about the other person's point of view.  I only wish we had found her sooner.  - John H.

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CONTACT US Locations: 1234 Bridgetown Pike, Ste. 100, Feasterville- Trevose PA 19053 Phone : 215-622-6676 Email :

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