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Automatic Input Devices : 

By James Reilly Automatic Input Devices

Introduction : 

Introduction Some input systems can be automated This can reduce the amount of time taken to input things into a computer There are several devices that can be used to input data automatically. OMR Bar Codes OCR Magnetic Strips MICR

Optical mark Recognition : 

Optical mark Recognition This is a system that reads marks on a special grid that it can recognise marks against This is a good thing as it cuts down on time spent inputting these things into a computer The system is often used in the lottery and in marking exam papers

Bar codes : 

Bar codes This is a system that identifies the item by the gaps between a series of lines These are used to identify the price of an item in a shop They are a good thing because they are quicker to use rather than having to key in the price every time someone want to buy something

Magnetic ink character recognition : 

Magnetic ink character recognition This is a system that recognises the characters on a piece of paper through the magnetic ink put on the paper It reads the ink and then displays the characters on a screen This is good because it saves time and is probably more accurate

Optical character recognition : 

Optical character recognition This is a system that is used to recognise characters on a document without the aid of anything else (e.g. magnetic ink) This is a good thing because it will cut down on errors and time spent transferring documents onto the computer This system is used in airports to recognise passport details and scan them against the computer.

Magnetic strips : 

Magnetic strips These are found on the back of most cards and are used to hold data about the card and its holder These are good because it saves time and it is more accurate than someone outing in the numbers by hand These strips are likely to be found on the back of credit cards and on access cards for places

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