State of Drug Addiction and Treatment Support in Indonesia

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Indonesia has a growing substance abuse and addiction problem. What options are there for help a


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Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation Services in Indonesia There is limited data on drug addiction in Indonesia. In most cases families will hide the drug addiction of a child due to the fear of them being treated badly by the state. Generally drugs such as putauw a local variant of street grade heroin and shabu-shabu Indonesian version of crystal methamphetamine are very popular among addicts in the country. Substance abuse is seen as a major threat to Indonesia but government enforcement has been ineffective due to poverty and corruption. The perceived domestic threat has increased overtime as the country has developed and the acceptance of Western culture has become the norm. Addiction rehabilitation services in Indonesia are outdated and ineffective. There are simply not enough treatment centres to meet the sharp increase in the number of drug addicts. There are many ex-patients who refer to Indonesian rehab centres as prisons and say that these facilities do not offer the caring supporting and encouraging environment that addiction treatment centres are supposed to provide patients with. There are a very few effective addiction treatment services in Indonesia. The Yakita Foundation managed by psychologist David Gordon and his wife Joyce Djaelani Gordon are respected for the good work they do but such treatment services are a few and far between. It is very difficult for many Indonesians to get admitted into the Yakita addiction treatment centre because of the long waiting list of patients looking to be treated there. The best option for Indonesian families looking for addiction treatment for a child is to look abroad for a rehab centre if there are available funds to pay for treatment.

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Wealthy Indonesians Travelling Abroad For Addiction Treatment and Therapy Joining a rehab facility abroad for addiction treatment has several advantages. To begin with most rehab centres are affordably priced by international standards – the cost of treatment is not as high as it is made out to be. Bali is an exception to the rule and does have some quality private treatment facilities where patients have access to several recovery options that are not available to them elsewhere in Indonesia. Foreign rehabs in other countries like Thailand also have unique programs that help individuals shake off their addiction much faster with the highest level of privacy and confidentiality. Their anonymity is guaranteed and there is absolutely no risk of anyone finding out about their stay at the facility. Patients are not even required to use their real name in many of these rehab centres. International rehabs are staffed by highly qualified and experienced addiction treatment specialists who are capable of handling any situation. The quality of medical care and psychiatric treatment offered at these rehabs is world-class. There are doctors and therapists who monitor the patient’s condition on a round-the-clock basis. Nothing is left to chance especially during the difficult detox process. Joining a rehab abroad for addiction treatment may be the right thing to do. This is something you should consider seriously if you or a loved one needs treatment for addiction to banned substances. Always seek expert advice before committing to any treatment program and ensure the information required for intake is accurate and complete. References:

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