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THE CEMENT MANUFACTURING PROCESS quarry raw grinding and burning grinding, storage, packing, dispatch HOW TO USE THIS PRESENTATION : > once the animation has finished, click anywhere on the screen to move on > click on « next » to see the next stage of the cement manufacturing process Click here to start


THE CEMENT MANUFACTURING PROCESS 1. BLASTING : The raw materials that are used to manufacture cement (mainly limestone and clay) are blasted from the quarry. 3. CRUSHING AND TRANSPORTATION : The raw materials, after crushing, are transported to the plant by conveyor. The plant stores the materials before they are homogenized. quarry 2. TRANSPORT : The raw materials are loaded into a dumper. Next


THE CEMENT MANUFACTURING PROCESS 1. RAW GRINDING : The raw materials are very finely ground in order to produce the raw mix. Raw grinding and burning 2. BURNING : The raw mix is preheated before it goes into the kiln, which is heated by a flame that can be as hot as 2000 °C. The raw mix burns at 1500 °C producing clinker which, when it leaves the kiln, is rapidly cooled with air fans. So, the raw mix is burnt to produce clinker : the basic material needed to make cement. Next Back


THE CEMENT MANUFACTURING PROCESS 1.GRINDING : The clinker and the gypsum are very finely ground giving a “pure cement”. Other secondary additives and cementitious materials can also be added to make a blended cement. Grinding, storage, packing, dispatch 2. STORAGE, PACKING, DISPATCH :The cement is stored in silos before being dispatched either in bulk or in bags to its final destination. Back Home page dispatch

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