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Leonardo da Vinci The genius of Leonardo…


Leonardo da Vinci Knew the science of art and put the art into science! Leonardo the: Artist – Mona Lisa, Last Supper … Inventor – Helicopter, parachute, bicycle … Engineer – Tank, mortar, submarine … Scientist – Anatomy, Botanist, Geologist, Physicist ...


Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo’s great scientific breakthroughs. 40 yrs before Copernicus – “The sun does not move, …the earth is not the centre of the universe.” 60 yrs before Galileo – Suggested using a large magnifying glass to study the surface of the moon 200 yrs before Newton - Theory of gravitation, he observed that weights fall to the centre of the earth and therefore suggested that the earth must be round 400 yrs before Darwin - Evolution. He wrote, “Man doesn’t vary from animals except in what is accidental”


Curiosità One of the seven ‘Da Vincian’ principles…. Curiosità “An insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.”


Termi-detector Can curiosità lead to a commercial product?


The “Need” What “need” does it satisfy? Can you describe your idea in terms of the need it satisfies in 20 words or less? Key points You’ve got a great idea, now what?


Steering wheel lock Is there really a NEED?


Market focus – not product focus How big is the “need”? How much will people pay for it to be satisfied? What else already satisfies the “need”? Key points You’ve got a great idea, now what?


Block Buster Nozzle There is definitely a need!


Block Buster Nozzle A creative solution!


How do you commercialise? Build a business License Sell Key points You’ve got a great idea, now what?


Green Diesel Injector What is the best pathway?


Mission Statement The Triton Foundation “Promote a culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Australia, particularly among our youth, by visibly helping innovators commercialise their ideas.”


Invention Journey Concept Development Opportunity Evaluation Early Stage Design & Prototype Commercial & Technical Feasibility Market Research Refining the Design & Prototype Product Testing Intellectual Property Protection Early Market Testing Market Testing Business Planning Forming a Company Venture Finance Production Distribution Market Entry & Promotion Valuing the Intellectual Property Identifying Prospective Buyers Negotiating a Deal Overview & Research Development Commercialisation Licensing or Selling Commercialisation Pathway


What do we do? The Foundation will achieve this mission in three distinct ways. Education Structured educational resources Review and independent assessment Case management Personalised action plan Mentoring Promotion Mass media promotion TV, print, radio, internet …


Inventors Promotion Case Mgmt Assessment Review Inventor’s Registration Public Website Education How do we do it? Operational flow. Education Packages Tools, templates and web resources Case studies Self assessment Application Case manager feedback Advice and guidance Independent assessment Outcome report Action plan Professional services Mentoring Showcase Mass media The Clever Country


From Innovator to Entrepreneur Key components of a successful commercialisation strategy Team building the right people in the right role Structure providing education, frameworks and mentors Goal set timeframes and aim for measurable outcomes (prizes)


Leonardo da Vinci Fear & desire… “…and after I stayed awhile, there arose in me two things, fear & desire – fear because of the menacing dark cave, and desire to see whether there were any miraculous things within!”

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