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The Olympic Games 省扬中高级中学王琴 Lesson38


a great diver of China


1984--- 1988--- 1992--- 1996--- 2000--- 2004--- Los Angeles Seoul Barcelona Atlanta Sydney Athens DO YOU KNOW?


Where was Olympic Games born? Greece How often are the Olympic Games held? Every four years


Read the passage quickly and find the answers to the questions: 1.When and where were the first Olympic Games in modern times? 2. What is the Olympic motto? What does it mean? The first Olympic Games in modern times happened in 1896 in Greece. Swifter, Higher, Stronger. It means that every athlete should try to run faster, jump higher, and throw further.


True or False ( )1. Both the Summer and Winter Olympic are held every four years. ( )2. The old Olympic Games began around the year 779 BC. ( )3. In the old times both men and women were allowed to take part in the Olympic Games. ( )4. The first modern Olympic Games happened in the year 400 AD ( )5. The Olympic Games were born in Greece. T F F F T


( )6. The 24th Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona in Spain. ( )7. In Barcelona the Chinese won 16 medals ( )8. Horse-riding is one of the unusual sports in the Olympic Games. ( )9. The great competition between countries is to hold the Olympics. Because it is a rich prize for a country ( )10. In Barcelona the Chinese team got 16 gold medals, of which12 were won by men. F F T T F


Say something about the numbers appearing in the passage: The old Olympic Games began The Olympic Games stopped The first Olympic Games in modern times happened Carl Lewis won four gold medals The 25th Summer Olympics took place in Barcelona. 311 competitors from 13 countries went to the 1896 games.


根据提示,简述课文: 世界各地的运动员每四年参加一次奥运会。 古代奥林匹克运动会于776BC起源于希腊。 现代奥林匹克运动会1896年在希腊举行。它的箴 言是“更快、更高、更强”。它意味着每个运动员 都应该跑得更快、跳得更高、掷得更远。运动员们 都尽力去夺取奖牌。 中国运动员在巴塞罗那奥运会上取得了16枚金牌。 但是最大的竞争不是为了奖牌,而是各国之间为 了争取承办奥运会的竞赛。对于一个国家来说, 承办奥运会就是一份丰厚的奖品。


2008---Beijing,China *Congratulate China on winning the vote to host the 2008 Olympics. *What needs to be done to host the 2008 Olympics? DISCUSSION:


SOME KEY WORDS. *gymnasiums,stadiums,roads,hotels, restaurants,shops,and so on *to improve the citizen’s qualities *to be more polite *to learn English well

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