How Indian Food Restaurant Carries Immense Flavors?

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One can easily explore most popular Indian food Restaurants all around the world. But views may vary differently.


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Exploring the buttery delicious Indian food in the restaurants one will found various recopies loaded with spices. From curries to mouth burning spices and complex flavor pairings immense flavors can be evolved easily. Cardamom, cayenne, tamarind and other pungent ingredients makes the dish super delicious found unmatched in any other part of the world. But scientists have finally succeeded in getting the reason behind the delicious nature of Indian restaurants.

Research at IIT:

The Indian Institute of Technology has deeply examined how frequent overlapping of dishes has added up to the ingredients. Dishes at were taken as samples and analyzed. The researchers even wrote in this regard. It was found average flavor sharing was lesser than expected. Research at IIT


The western cuisine is often tagged for pairing together of similar dishes. Various Indian spices like Cayenne, green bell, peppers, garam masala are paired with ingredients with no chemical involvement. Each of the spices evokes a unique flavor in every meal cooked. It is researched that out of 381 ingredients 200 knock out dishes are still used globally.


No doubt best Indian food restaurants can serve most delicious dishes. But the love of Indian food is not shared by everyone... The food is found quite unpopular in United States. In a research Ray a well-known scientists approves Indian food is not liked by the residents of U.S. Why Indian Food is Unpopular ?


due to lack of appreciation for the skill require making food. The Indian food is said to be highest labor intensive cuisine in the world. Americans are not willing to pay for such high priced foods. Some of the foods are low priced but is not liked by all making it useless again.


People around the world carry different views on this. But Indians will always love their origin of food. No matter where they live.


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