5 Tips to extend the life of your heating and cooling system

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Follow these 5 tips, which may help to improve on the lifespan of your  heating and cooling system, while keeping your bills as low as possible.


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5 Tips to extend the life of your heating and cooling system:

5 Tips to extend the life of your  heating  and cooling system

Give it a checkup twice a year.:

Give it a checkup twice a year. Change it out, even if it doesn't look dirty. Any buildup reduces the amount of air the system draws in. Replace the filter every few months. Have a professional do a preventive maintenance check in the spring and fall to look for motor or electrical failures.

Clear outside debris.:

Clear outside debris. The optional temperature for cost savings is 78° during the summer and 68° during the winter. Know the best tem Cut or remove plants are encroaching on your condenser so it can pull in fresh air from all sides. Make sure to allow for at least 12 inches of space around the coil.

Check the flame. :

Check the flame. Your furnace flame should be nice, crisp blue. If it's wavy, orange or yellow call a technician.

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