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You aren’t being told the truth!:

You aren’t being told the truth! A tone of despair permeates this great country of ours. We the people, have entrenched ourselves in ideologies that are not our own and we cling to proposals that seem to correct the injustices we see in the world. We strive to use our political process to rectify wrongs, whether they be slights or truly injurious.

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We seek leadership from politicians and our desires are found wanting!

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Many problems face our nation. Some of these problems are dire and urgent. Most of these problems are no more than our own compassion or beliefs working against us. The solutions to these problems require actually discovering their root cause. None of these problems can or will be fixed by modifying, tweaking or otherwise continuing ANY government program.

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Those fixes have been tried and by any true and honest assessment they have failed. What then is the solution?

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I ask if you, like me, have found yourself working hard during your lifetime only to barely keep pace with a meager lifestyle. Have you found yourself taking on a second or even third job, accumulating money to better yourself only to see that “extra money” dissolve as if it were already there? Did you find yourself working overtime and realize that when you got paid, you had essentially worked for the government? These are true happenings of working people in America and it must stop!

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The source of this problem does not lie in your unwillingness to better yourself. It does not lie in the “lavish” lifestyle that you began to lead after you got your “extra money”. It lies in the concept that income should be taxed.

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Stated simply, the founding of this country rejected a prohibitory class system and the concept of nobility. We believe that all humans are the equal of the other and that their work ethic and abilities should dictate whether they should be successful or not. By imposing a progressive income tax system, we reinstituted class lines as defined by the income those people made. By increasing the rate of taxation as you increased income ensured but three things: A perpetual anger between those of lesser incomes with those of greater and vice versa. Those with lesser incomes could only enjoy greater income if they ‘leaped’ into another tax bracket because it would quite literally kill them to try and work or invest their way there and therefore the greater income earners were insulated from the lesser earners. The government could use this unending class struggle to further their political and ideological ends.

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I ask you to add up the vast amount of government program money that has been spent to “level” the playing field for lesser income earners and divide that amount by the number of lesser income earners that government programs “leveled” into an increased income earning. By any stretch of the imagination, the amount spent per success story you come up with is so astronomical it would have been better to have a national millionaire lottery every day to create instant millionaires out of the poor.

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Nonetheless, as political fodder, the greater income earners are vilified for having “more than they need” and the lesser income earners are denigrated for being lazy do-nothings. I do not refute that there are wealthy people with exorbitant lifestyles nor do I deny that there are institutional poor that exist only on government payments and/or charity. Those people are the exception and not the rule. I am positive that the majority is made of hardworking people of outstanding character and it is to those people that I mainly speak.

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Under the current system, a worker is taxed 12.5% of their earnings for Social Security tax and an additional 2.5% for Medicare tax. The employer “contributes” a matching amount of both taxes to the Federal government to fulfill this taxation requirement. News Flash! The employer doesn’t contribute one cent to this tax requirement. Your earnings and the “employer contribution” as well as any benefits are considered by your employer to be part of YOUR wage. So the myth of an “employer contribution” is maintained by the fact that you never actually see the other 15% of your wage because it is sent bundled with other employees straight to the Federal Government. If you thought you were being underpaid, it turns out you were right.

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In our current economic system, goods seldom move directly from the manufacturer to the end consumer. As a matter of fact, food, a necessity for life, generally changes hand at least four times before it reaches the consumer. These changes can best be seen as going from the farmer to the market (1), from the market to the distributor (2), from the distributor to the store (3), and from the store to the consumer (4). If we take food as a baseline indicator and extrapolate that most goods would indeed change hands or ownership a minimum of four times, we could say that our economic structure incorporates a four stage process to reach the end user.

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If we adhere to the principles of the founding of our country that we are indeed endowed with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that a government’s “job” is to preserve those rights; then it would be fair to say that a government that forces its’ citizenry to generate government revenue without regard to the citizen’s ability to produce an income does not protect or preserve liberty or the pursuit of happiness. Liberty is infringed due to the indebtedness of the citizenry to the government for the revenue that the government assigns to its citizens because the freedom of the individual is subjugated to produce that revenue. The pursuit of happiness could be infringed if the production of the income to generate the revenue demanded by the government does not align with the individuals’ own desires.

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How then could we preserve the rights of the individual and fund the government? If we assign a national sales tax on EVERY purchase and eliminate the idea of wholesale goods, not only would rights be preserved but we would also ensure that taxes are paid without a convoluted income tax system. This would prevent the government from creating loopholes for their political contributors and ensure that the highest earners paid a proportionate tax to their earnings. It would also allow the vast tourism industry to generate revenues from foreign visitors.

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I know this is a radical concept; however I would like you to suspend your disbelief and merely look at the numbers. In 2008, a bad year for this country by anyone’s standards, the United States Government had a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 14.591 trillion dollars. The GDP is the economic activity for the United States under its’ current measurement practices. I clarify this to point out that this number is not an honest reflection of the United States economic activity but as it is a recorded number I chose to formulate my proposal based upon irrefutable starting numbers.

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So going back to the example of food having four stages and extending that idea to the rest of the economy, we can mathematically determine a universal tax rate and the resulting revenues to the government. This process is represented clearly in the following equation: ((((G*TR)*TR)*TR)*TR)-G G= GDP or Gross Domestic Product TR = Tax rate

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By applying a cumulative five percent (5%) tax on four stage trade we get the following numerical transposition: (((($14,591,000,000,000 * 1.05)* 1.05)* 1.05)* 1.05) - $14,591,000,000,000 = $3,144,451,693,750.00 So this system of taxation ensures all transactions are taxed and generates $900,000,000,000 more in revenue than under the current taxation scheme.

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Arguments against this idea would begin with the concept that this would increase prices to the consumer and hurt the poor. Neither of these statements are true. Prices would necessarily drop due to the ELIMINATION of taxes currently paid by the different individuals and companies in their respective stages. Fundamentally, all Social Security and Medicare taxes would not be paid either by the individual or the employer. As a result the individual would receive a minimum increase of 15% in their personal revenue as well as the elimination of Federal tax withholdings and a Federal income tax. The companies involved would receive the same benefit as their Federal Income tax would be eliminated as well.

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The accumulation of benefits does not stop with the tangible and visible changes because there would be a repeal of the Federal Gasoline tax of 18 cents per gallon. Financially for individuals, this would equate to a reduction of approximately 13 cents per gallon or $2.60 per 20 gallon tank of gasoline purchased. Once again the individual is not the only beneficiary of the elimination of this tax and therefore the transportation costs of the gasoline would be reduced and therefore the price would also be reduced.

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Federal revenues would also be augmented by the inclusion of this sales tax on the trading of all stocks, bonds and commodities. According to a recent report by the Huffington post on the trading of derivatives, $30 Trillion are traded annually in the United States alone. Assuming that these derivatives only move once, an additional $1.5 Trillion dollars in Federal Revenue would be generated. With the valuation of all stock and commodity market trading included, we would have a top line number of approximately $64,591,000,000,000 and therefore we could reduce the per transaction tax to two percent (2%) and generate $5,324,375,646,560.00 in Federal Revenue. If we would then limit Federal spending to twenty two percent (22%) of GDP as it is currently calculated and utilize the remaining revenues to pay off (read buy back United States Security bonds) we would ELIMINATE the anticipated National Debt of $16 Trillion dollars in 7.57 years.

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What are we waiting for?

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