Steve Yackey of Citizens Akron Church


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Steve Yackey was born and raised in Akron, OH and graduated from Oberlin Conservatory of Music with a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance. Prior to Citizens Akron, he served on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for four years as a multiethnic undergraduate chapter planter and an arts chapter planter at the University of Cincinnati. One of his largest passions is to equip people to live out the mission of the gospel in their current context – especially in the arts world. Since moving back to Akron with his wife Angelina, he has been pursuing God’s call to multiethnic ministry in Akron, and is passionate about equipping worship leaders/musicians to utilize multiethnic worship to welcome diverse people groups, while standing in solidarity and mutuality. Along with serving as a pastor at Citizens, Steve is active in performing and recording with a number of artists, including a project with his wife, “Steve & Angelina”. Visit our church at


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