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Magical Destination Weddings Inc.: 

Magical Destination Weddings Inc.

My Product/Service:: 

My Product/Service: Destination weddings are becoming more popular each year. Instead of the more traditional wedding where you and your guests (many of whom the bride and groom don't even know) have a buffet and a dance in an overcrowded hall of some sort, the destination wedding incorporates a "vacation" like, more relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved. It could be from a quick weekend getaway just a few hours from home to a full-scale vacation. Only your imagination (and your budget) limit the possibilities! My company is a destination wedding agency that plan intimate wedding ceremony/honeymoons. There will be wedding packages available or the customer can customize their own package. All packages include: Minister, Marriage License, Champagne, Best Man, Maid of Honor, and Witness, as needed. All formalities and penalties will be discussed prior to the reservation.

My Vision and Goals:: 

My Vision and Goals: My vision for my site is to provide affordable weddings that offer a wedding ceremony and honeymoon all at one time. My service will help couples save on the cost and time of planning a traditional wedding. My service will also be beneficial for couples that want to renew their vows. My Goals Quality Customer Service Up Front Cost/ Penalties Beautiful weddings

Wedding Packages Available:: 

Wedding Packages Available: There will be six locations to choose from: Hawaii, Jamaica, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, and Disney World. There will be three types of of packages: economy,deluxe, and superior. Each package can be reserved for three or seven days.

Wedding Packages Include:: 

Wedding Packages Include: The economy package includes: standard room at a 3 star hotel, roundtrip airfare, an intimate dinner after the ceremony, and a limo to the restaurant.($2,000-3,000) Deluxe: includes Suite at a 3 star hotel, roundtrip airfare (optional 1st class upgrade), a personal chef in their suite and limousine service available throughout the trip.($4,000-5,000) Superior: Suite at a 5 star hotel, 1st class roundtrip airfare, a personal chef, unlimited limo service, day spa treatment. *Bonus –bottle of champagne, box of gourmet chocolates, gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries tray, and a dozen of long stemmed roses.($6,000-7,000)

A la carte Items Available:: 

A la carte Items Available: At Magical Wedding Destination Inc. we understand no couples are alike, neither are their visions of a perfect wedding. Which is why we are providing a vast selection of upgrades. Here are few examples: Tray of Hand Dipped Dozen of Roses A Pair of Toasting Goblets Chocolate Fruits Price: $100.00 Price: $200.00 Price:  $ 25.00

My Competitors and how my Site is Different:: 

My Competitors and how my Site is Different: My competitors will be wedding and travel agencies. My E-business will be differ from wedding/travel agencies because unlike these companies,my main focus will be on planning beautiful wedding ceremonies and honeymoons.

How my site will make money:: 

How my site will make money: My site will make money mostly through the 10% coordinating fee I will be charging my clients for their services. I will also make money through commissions from airlines, florists, bridal shops, hotels or resorts.

Technology Used :: 

Technology Used : I will be using Yahoo! Storefront. How much does a Yahoo! Store cost? $49.95/month for hosting, $0.10 per item per month, a 0.5% transaction fee on all transactions, and a 3.5% revenue share on transactions that originate on the Yahoo! Network. $35.00 per month for my domain name. I will open up a merchant account. I will also use E-commerce taxware to make sure all my taxes are figured correctly for each state. The price for Unlimited license for the software is: $1,995.00

Outline of My Marketing Efforts and Target Market:: 

Outline of My Marketing Efforts and Target Market: My target audience A.bride average age is 24.5 years B.groom average age is 26 years II. Target audience average wedding expenses A. average cost of weddings $22,000 B. average cost of honeymoons $4,000 Marketing strategies A. Advertising on partners websites B. Online wedding magazines C.Online wedding links Statistics provided

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