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RealStew, an online hub designed to revolutionize the way the world communicates and interacts. RealStew was founded in a garage in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand and is now based in the United Kingdom.


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REALSTEW MAIL – THE GAME CHANGER RealStew Mail will be released in May 2015. To link into RealStew Mail simply register a RealStew URL and an email address with the same suffix as the URL will be auto created. Should a Member create more than one URL a new email address will be created for each URL. The login email is linked to a Contact Book. It therefore follows that where one login email has more than one URL and therefore more than one RealStew email address the ‘new links’ and contact details are linked to the login email and recorded in the same contact book.

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If a Member wishes to have a separate Contact Book for each email they will need to have a separate login email address for each URL. On registering the URL and receiving the email address the Member will be able to synchronize their existing email address with the new RealStew address or they can choose to start using the RealStew address as the primary email address. In a synchronized scenario an email sent to the original email address will then be ‘forwarded’ to the RealStew email address and be auto linked if not already linked. On receipt of the email it will be auto loaded to the Members Contact book and any attachments will be automatically added to the Document folder. On receiving an email an ‘unread’ indicator number will appear in the grey bar. Clicking on the ‘Email’ tab opens up the email application under the grey bar. Opening unread emails will reduce the number of ‘unread’ email in the ‘email’ indicator. Posting a new email or replying to an email will auto load attachments to the document folder. The ‘new link’ on receiving the email will see the following message:

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The message at the base of every email sent via RealStew mail will be as follows : “To see history of attachments we shared” we will refine The ‘New link’ will either on their own accord click on the ‘attachments’ hyper link or it could be a good opportunity after there have been a number of documents exchanged to send a follow up email suggesting that the ‘New Link’ click on the hyper link and see how convenient it is to find all shared documents stored in one place. The reason we require a confirmation email is to avoid the possibility that the ‘New Link’ in the normal course of communicating forwarded their email to a third party and inadvertently sent them the ‘hyper link’. The ‘confirmation email’ link will be sent to the ’New Link’ – giving the ‘New link’ secure access to the data. Click on the hyper link and the ‘New Link’ will be taken to a screen where they will be prompted for a confirmation email to be sent in order to proceed.

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After clicking on the confirmation email the ‘New Link’ will be directed back to the RealStew page where they will find the Contact Book and the Document Folder listing all the documents and attachments sent and received. These will be professionally displayed in descending order according to the date and time received. The ‘New Link’ will also be Auto paired to a Support Mentor and with an open chat box and opening message be prompted to reply.

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The Mentor will then run through standard protocols introducing the ‘New Link’ to the various RealStew features encouraging them to complete their profile register a URL and generate a password. With the relationship now established the Mentor will work with the new Mentee to optimize their use of the platform including sharing and starting to use their RealStew email address synchronize with existing one and download RealMobile. Subscription is dependent on the Member requesting to activate their RealStew Email address and on:  Having a registered URL    Having profiled themselves    Agreeing to share in the distributed revenues.  The initial activation fee is GBP15-00 and thereafter GBP1-00 per month. The ‘Lend-it-Forward’ program will be accessible to those members who are unable to finance their access to RealStew Mail. FEATURES AND COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS The features are:  All shared documents /attachments are auto filed    Email integrated into a CRM system empowering the User to be more responsive proactive and informed in their communication 

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 Email integrated with CHAT and with RealMobile enables efficient effective and instant communication with contacts at all time    Earn passive income that more than justifies the set up cost and monthly fee.  AN OBSERVATION AND PREDICTION The ability to seamlessly with limited friction and easy traction generate ‘New links’ by the mere fact that I received an email directly to my RealStew Mail address OR indirectly when someone emailed me on my paddymandy address using the RealStew Mail forward feature is hugely significant. The conversion of ‘New links’ to active sharing Members are fundamental to RealStew’s roll out plan. The addition of a hyper link on the base of every RealStew Mail generated communication will be the natural hook that draws the ‘New Link’ to the RealStew Portal. We will experiment with the way we present the base message and its content. We will also get Mentors supporting Members who have posted emails and work with them due to their symbiotic relationship with the ‘New Link’. Increased eye ball traffic will feed the search algorithm and present every RealStew Member with B2B B2C and C2C business / consumer opportunities which will compound the growth of the network. The Mentor Program with its growing base of highly trained focused accredited Mentors working to a set plan will systematically convert ‘New links’ into Members and harness the symbiotic relationship they have with their immediate contacts. Activating RealStew Mail accounts will translate into an increasing number of Members who will download RealMobile and move more of the engagement and conversation to CHAT User Groups Blog postings and comments. How often have we received an email where the Sender CC the same email to a collection of email addresses When this occurs the ‘Sender’ and ALL emails will be added to the Contact Book and all will be ‘Sender’ linked. The next step is to reply to ALL and post the type of message that requires a response. Should any of the other ‘email addresses’ respond they will now be linked to you as well…. Have fun HOW IT WILL LOOK

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