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ReadySetPresent (Decision Making PowerPoint Presentation Content): 100+ PowerPoint presentation content slides. Successful and effective strategic decision making is a guarantee to increase productivity in every workplace. Slides include topics such as: the 6 C’s of decision making, 10+ slides on decision making methods and tips, 8 slides on common pitfalls in decision making, 4 slides on effective strategies in making decisions, and more!


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Slide 2: 

To examine different decision making models. To maximize creativity and logic in decision making. To acquire decision making tips and techniques that accelerate and improve results. Program Objectives (1 of 2)

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To become aware of common decision making traps, and how to handle them. To ready yourself for any bumps in the road, and have solutions in hand. To provide a variety of perspectives for the decision making process. Program Objectives (2 of 2)

A Challenge : 

A Challenge Please write a One Sentence Definition of DECISION MAKING.

Definition : 

Definition Decision Making: The process of examining your possibilities options, comparing them, and choosing a course of action.

Related Quotes : 

Related Quotes “Be sure you are right -- then go ahead.” Davy Crocket. “Doing what's right isn't hard -- Knowing what's right is.” Lyndon B. Johnson. “Mine own applause is the only applause which matters.” Cicero. “Once you've made your mark, watch out for erasers!” Will Rogers.

Making Effective Decisions : 

Making Effective Decisions Perception. Priority. Acceptability. Risk. Resources. Factors: Goals. Values. Demands. Style. Judgement.

Six C's of Decision Making (1 of 3) : 

Six C's of Decision Making (1 of 3) 1. Construct. 2. Compile. 3. Collect. 4. Compare. 5. Consider. 6. Commit.

Six C's of Decision Making (2 of 3) : 

Six C's of Decision Making (2 of 3) Construct a clear picture of precisely what must be decided. Compile a list of requirements that must be met. Collect information on alternatives that meet the requirements.

Six C's of Decision Making (3 of 3) : 

Six C's of Decision Making (3 of 3) Compare alternatives that meet the requirements. Consider the "what might go wrong" factor with each alternative. Commit to a decision and follow through with it.

Inherent Personal Traps : 

Inherent Personal Traps Trying too hard to play it safe. Letting fears and biases tilt your thinking and analysis. Getting lost in the minutia can cause trouble. Craving for unanimous approval. Trying to make decisions which are outside your realm of authority.

Inherent System Traps : 

Inherent System Traps Willing to begin with too little, inaccurate, or wrong information. Overlook viable alternatives or waste time considering alternatives which have no realistic prospects. Not following the six C's. Failure to clearly define the results you expect to achieve. Worst of all, failure to reach a decision.

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