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Family Life (3 of 6):

Family Life (3 of 6) An individual's honor is entwined with the reputation and honor of everyone in their family Honor requires that Egyptians demonstrate hospitality to friends and guests and dictates that people dress as well as their financial circumstances allow Page 2

Social Etiquette (2 of 3) :

Social Etiquette (2 of 3) Little physical contact between sexes: handshakes are appropriate Bring a gift of sweets to a dinner- flowers are for the ill or weddings Use right or both hands to accept a gift Gifts are not opened when they are received Page 3

Business Etiquette (4 of 5) :

Business Etiquette (4 of 5) Appointments are necessary and must be made in advance Confirm the meeting one week in advance, either in writing or by telephone Meetings are rarely private unless confidential Egyptians have an open door policy Be prepared for interruptions and changes of topic Page 4

Trivia (3 of 3):

Trivia (3 of 3) Apart from the Pyramids, Cairo, and Alexandria, Egypt has other universal wonder: Giza , which is the oldest city on the planet Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Hatshepsut were the first female leaders on Earth Ironically, modern Egypt does not have a female leader as of yet Page 5

Slide 6:

Download “ Egypt ” PowerPoint content presentation at 33 slides include: 17 Points on General Information, 18 Points on Family Life, 18 Points on Food, 10 Points on Food Etiquette, 11 Points on Social Etiquette, 18 Points on Business Etiquette, and 9 Points on Trivia. Royalty Free - Use Them Over and Over Again. Page 6

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