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Russia :


Family Life (1 of 5):

Family Life (1 of 5) Russian families depend highly on each other 2-3 generations may live in one household Romantic love is the more common motivation for marriage Page 2

Social Etiquette (1 of 3) :

Social Etiquette (1 of 3) Dress conservatively in subdued colors Punctuality is of the upmost importance Appointments must be made far in advance and confirmations are appreciated Page 3

Business Etiquette (8 of 10) :

Business Etiquette (8 of 10) Russians view negotiations as a win-lose and do not believe in win-win scenarios Russians view compromise as a weakness and will continue to negotiate until you offer concessions Russians may lose their temper, walk out of the meeting, or threaten to terminate the relationship in an attempt to coerce you to change your position Page 4

Trivia (2 of 3) :

Trivia (2 of 3) 10% of the government ’ s income comes from the sale of vodka Russia is known as the “ lungs of Europe ” since it has the largest forest reserves in the world Russia holds 1st place in the world in explored reserves of natural gas (32%) Page 5

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Download “ Russia ” PowerPoint presentation at 37 slides include : 17 Points on General Information, 11 Points on Family Life, 6 Points on Food, 16 Points on Food Etiquette, 9 Points on Social Etiquette, 33 Points on Business Etiquette, and 10 Points on Trivia. Page 6 Royalty Free - Use Them Over and Over Again.

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