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fuzzy matching fuzzy matching is a method that provides an improved ability to process word-based matching queries to find matching phrases or sentences from a list or database. To know more, get visit my site:- http://vyakar.com


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Vyakar’s Lead Router helps solve your lead routing needs based on your desired business rules and organizational structure without the attendant technical complexities. It integrates cutting-edge AI-based Machine Learning business-use cases and a lead-account matching engine into a single solution, thus simplifying and standardizing the implementation of your routing rules for businesses. LEAD ROUTER


COMPANY NAME MATCH ALGORITHM Lead routing is incomplete and not effective without an efficient way to match leads against existing account/company name. Vyakar ’s Lead to account fuzzy matching engine uses machine learning-based and dictionary based algorithm. Fuzziness can be configured according to your necessary requirements. An option for creating custom rules is also available, thus allowing for the honoring of some common company-specific matching rules.


AVAILABLE INTEGRATIONS Vyakar Lead Routing engine is a platform independent of any other existing Marketing Automation system or CRM. Natively integrated with SalesForce.com, it can also be integrated with other CRMs with the supporting API. The following integration schemes are supported: Salesforce.com Other CRM using custom API Marketo Webhooks Eloqua Cloud Connectors


VYAKAR’S FUZZY MATCH LOGIC Over the years, Vyakar has developed a state-of-the-art fuzzy match algorithm that is not only fast and accurate but also flexible to fit different needs. It’s not a final formula; behind the scenes Machine Learning also allows Vyakar to be able to improve that algorithm over time. Fuzzy Matching accuracy is achieved by hundreds of matching rules and thousands of data points .


CUSTOMIZATION AND PERFORMANCE Vyakar’s fuzzy match algorithm is designed to be flexible to fit your needs. You can turn on or off some of the rule to adjust the match confidence level. Stricter rules means fewer results, but these results will be more closely matched to what you are looking for; relaxed rules means there will be more results to choose from, but only loosely matched to your criteria. Also, if there are certain companies that always go together for your business

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