7 Quick Tips For Freelance Web Developers!


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7 Quick Tips For Freelance Web Developers Web development is an interesting field but web developers are now leading increasingly stressful lives as the challenges are way too many. Users now want websites to render effectively on all three screens: desktop mobile and tablets. Nowadays phablets are in vogue so responsive web design and retina readiness of the landing page design is important. The images used be stock photos or rights-free images that will not incur any copyright infringement issues. Quite a few companies have suffered on this account and you need to careful as you are handling the personality and reputation of the brand as a freelance web developer in delhi. · Mobile is the future: Be ready for it Top notch freelance designers know that search engines now give greater weightage to mobile sites and if a business does not have a mobile optimized site then its ranking will be calculated based on its desktop site. And this is a sure shot recipe for disaster as you cannot afford your rankings to go down. · Never lose focus on the product: Product excellence is the key to growth and as a business owner you need to get your hands dirty all the time. Quite often it happens that business owners get busy with business development and they leave very little time for managing operations. Some delegate it to a junior partner but in the creative field individualized touch of the chief architect of the brand should always be visible else clients usually drift away. · Keep an eye on the bottom-line: don’t get lost in design This is one thing that most business owners learn from their creditors or vendors who demand timely payments. Paying salaries on time is the biggest pressure which forces freelance web designers to do more projects in less time. Ideally eighty percent of your time should be spent in areas that deliver eighty percent of the business. And through this

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golden rule you need to manage your schedule. · Customer is always right In business eighty percent of the business comes from twenty percent of the customers. So arguing with a customer will never do any good. In fact it’s better to be flexible and accommodate the customer’s concern as far as you can. There will be certain instances when you need to put your foot down for the benefit of the brand. · Always take care of SEO and content: it matters As they say “If you want to hide a dead corpse hide it in the third page of Google” meaning that users on the mobile hardly go on to the first or second page of search results if they are looking for something. · User interface design and user experience design are sacrosanct: These are two things that you need to keep in mind while designing all kinds of products for the mobile and web medium. How users interface with the product and their experience with it will determine the future of the product or service you are going to unleash in the market Hiring the best brains in the market with experience in a wide variety of domains will be helpful here. · Keep abreast of evolving technologies Not doing so will make you obsolete in business within two years as the business landscape is evolving very rapidly and staying one step ahead in technology will prove very beneficial for the future.

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