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Things You Didnt Know About TURKISH TOWEL Why Towel A towel is a piece of absorbent fabric or paper used for drying or wiping a body or a surface. It draws moisture through direct contact often using a blotting or a rubbing motion. In households several types of fabric towels are used including hand towels bath towels and kitchen towels. In warm climates people may also use beach towels. Paper towels are provided in commercial or office bathrooms for users to dry their hands. Paper towels are also used in households for a range of wiping cleaning and drying tasks.

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Turkish Towels Turkish towels are a product unique to Turkey that are used today in a wide range of settings including at the beach during yoga and gym classes or as a travel companion. These towels have various different names the most common being a peshtemal. A peshtemal is the traditional name given to the woven towel that was originally used to cover the body in a Turkish hammam or bath – another traditional Turkish custom. A silk peshtemal is called a fota but peshtemal is usually woven by cotton linen or bamboo yarn.

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How is a Turkish Towel Produced Turkish towels are made using premium natural Turkish cotton that is farmed in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea and Aegean regions. The unique extra-long Turkish cotton fibers means that there are less joins which makes Turkish towels more durable and softer that regular cotton towels. The cotton then undergoes the drying process to prepare the cotton to be woven into towels. Once the cotton is dry it is then ready to tackle the weaving process that is carefully done by traditional Turkish weavers.

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Different types of Turkish Towels Cotton Turkish cotton is grown and farmed in the Aegean Southeastern Anatolian and East Mediterranean regions. Cotton yarns are then produced through the processing of the fibers which are taken from the seed of the cotton cocoon. Linen Linen is a natural fiber and is obtained from cellulose fibers that grow inside the stalks of the flax plant – one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. The highest quality flax plant is grown in Turkey’s western Black Sea and Marmara regions. Bamboo Bamboo plants grow in the East of Turkey and are known to have high moisture absorbency characteristics. Due to the dual layers of bamboo fabric it absorbs moisture quickly and then lets it evaporate rapidly through its second channel which makes it a very effective material used in towels. Where to use a Turkish Towel Turkish towels have been recognized as an amazingly versatile product suitable for a number or purposes. People often use Turkish towels at the beach for gym and yoga classes and to take traveling. They are also being used as blankets and for bed ware. Turkish towels are currently becoming a trend and are being displayed in many beach cities in Australia and around the world. As the beautiful beaches in Turkey become more popular people are discovering the practicality of the Turkish towel and bringing the towels home with them.

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BATH TOWEL A bath towel is used for drying the body when it is wet such as after bathing or showering.

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BEACH TOWEL A beach towel is usually a little bit larger than a bath towel. Although it is often used for drying off after being in the water its chief purpose is to provide a surface on which to lie. They are also worn for privacy while changing clothes in a public area and for wiping sand from the body or objects. Beach towels often have colorful patterns.

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SPORTS AND YOGA TOWEL A sports towel or synthetic chamois is a towel originally developed for swimmers and divers favored for its super-absorbent qualities. Sports towels can be wrung out when saturated leaving the towel able to absorb water again although not dry. Those qualities along with their compact nature have further popularized sports towels amongst general outdoor and athletic enthusiasts. Hot yoga classes can help you sweat out toxins and burn major calories but they can also be a sweaty mess. In order to keep yourself dry and your mat slip-proof you need a quality hot yoga towel. This will provide the right amount of grip to prevent you from slipping and sliding all over the mat.

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