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Stanford Magnets 72 Fairbanks Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 407-8902 Stanford Magnets has been involved in R&D, manufacturing and sales of permanent magnets since the mid 1980s. We are supplier of rare earth permanent magnetic products such as neodymium magnets, and other non-rare earth permanent magnets. We have provided various customers in different fields, such as NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), loud speakers, wind turbines and mechanical devices, large quantities at very competitive pricing.


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Neodymium Disc Magnet And Its Popularity In The Present World Magnets are one of the biggest discoveries of science. In fact every electric motor runs on the simple theory of magnetism. Be it the CRT monitors or television sets or vending machines or power meters. The radio you hear while going to office also work on simple theory of magnetism. In fact if you are reading this article on a smartphone 99 chances are there it has magnets inside it that helps you to use the phone. The whole theory of electric runs of the theories of magnetism and therefore electromagnetism has a role to play in every electronic device on this earth. The Magnets Used In Electrical Devices Neodymium Disc Magnet are small magnets that have immense power and are mostly used in small disc shaped pieces in almost all electrical devices that you use. So what are Neodymium Magnets There is a popular misconception that these magnets are from outer space that is not true. In fact it is a rarest of earth magnets. It is an along that is a composition of neodymium iron and boron. Nd2FE14b is the chemical formula of this alloy and is undoubtedly the strongest magnet found on the face of the earth. A Brief History of The Magnet Neodymium Disc Magnet has been actively used in different electronic devices for its light weight and effectiveness. There was a continuous research on these magnets and today they are produced in two varieties of Neodymium Magnets the sintered and the bonded magnet. Sintered magnets are powered magnets and have a higher magnetic field that the other variety and therefore its demand is higher too in the market. However the downside of these magnets is they are highly corrosive by nature and therefore needs to be handled with caution. Strength And Utility Since the very inception of the Neodymium Disc Magnet it had cemented its position as the most useful magnet in endless number of ways. The magnet has been successfully incorporated by a magnum of industrial uses in a variety of sectors like medical science technology motor vehicle industry and renewable energy. All these industries and more rely on the mighty strength of the Neodymium Magnets as without these many of the innovations in these industries would not have been possible. These magnets are popular for its resistance to demagnetization and incredible power. The best part is they can be used in different shapes and sizes. Reasons For Its Popularity Neodymium Disc Magnet can be easily shaped and cut into pieces as small as 1mm of diameter. However it is the strongest magnet on the face of the earth. Therefore the magnet is an example of sheer strength utility and longevity. That is the reason that industries across the globe have been endorsing the usage of this variety of magnets in a variety of product. Moreover it strength to resist demagnetization process adds to its value as products it is used in is known to have a longer lifespan. Take the guidance of experts to get this magnet according to the need of your business.

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Use of Neodymium Magnet In Alternative Pain Treatment The winters are back and so have your body aches and pains. As a matter of fact body aches is a problem that has grasped people of all ages and all-round the year. In winters it just aggravates more so you need to be more attentive. That is the reason that you continuously look for alternative healing treatments that get you some relief from your pain. There are innumerable methods that guarantee relief off your pain and pills you every disease. So when told that magnets are excellent for the healing process you look at it with disbelief and scrutiny. A Unique Way To Get Healed You must be coming across a term Magnet healing a lot of times in recent years. Well if you are looking for an alternative treatment to cure those unbearable body aches and other types of body ailments that have kind off crippled you magnet therapy can be an effective solution. In this type of therapy a Neodymium Magnet which is one of the rarest types of magnets found on earth is used to treat your condition. These magnets are very powerful with strong magnetic field. Magnotherapy is the other term used for magnetic therapy. The Theory Behind This Treatment By this unique way of treating aches and pain your body will be exposed to a strong magnetic field that helps in relief of the body pain. So is it effective is often the question that creeps in mind and how does it work. Well when the body is exposed to such strong magnetic field it helps nutrients that are rich in oxygen to surround the affected area and thus helps in better blood circulation. It is the lack of proper blood circulation in the body that results in body ache and pain. As Neodymium Magnet is the most powerful it is used for this therapy. Different Conditions The Magnet Treats Earth-based magnets primarily the Neodymium Magnet helps in maintaining the body balance by activating the energy sources of the body which are known as chakras. When the body energy is unbalanced these magnets are placed on the chakras and thus through the chakras the body energy is balanced. Such treat treatment has been effective in severe conditions like Arthritis Fibromyalgia spinal or back pain Asthma Muscle spasms Carpal tunnel syndrome fractures swelling muscle strains Sinus Stress headaches and toothaches. In all body aches of any kind can be controlled with effective use of magnets. How It Can Be Used With more passing time researches are proving that the use of magnets is an effective and stable way to control body aches. Patients across the world who have been suffering from severe body aches are using different types of magnetic jewelry made of Neodymium Magnet in their neck arms or wrists and have seen a lot of improvement in this area. Also such magnets are popularly used in message therapy as when the two treatments are combined the body not only gets relief from the pain but is also relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Benefits Of Magnetic Therapy With Neodymium Magnets The greatest ailment that people across the globe is suffering from is different types of body aches and ailments. Such pains are nagging and prevent you from leading a normal healthy lifestyle. Such aches have become part and parcel of everyday life and that is a reason a lot of people have lost hope that the situation will ever improve. The pain subsides till the effects of medicines are there and once you stop having them the pain is back. Moreover too much of high dose painkillers can be harmful for your health and result in grave health problems. That is the reason that there is a high demand for alternative pain relief treatments. A Unique Way To Pain Control When you search for alternative pain treatments there are chances you will be dazzled by the many options that are there on offer. The last few years as you body aches have aggravated researches have been continuously developing alternative methods of treatment that can fix such problems for ever. A lot of importance is given now how to improve the quality of lives that you are living. Holistic approaches are being tried out to make sure that the body is relieved of the ill elements that are affecting its normal functioning. One such treatment is Magnet healing that is done with the help of Neodymium Magnets to perform balance corrections. A Closer Look At Magnet Healing Magnet healing is popularly known as Magnetic therapy a phrase you must have come across while searching for alternative pain treatments. The whole treatment is based on healing the “Chakras” or the energy sources in our body. During this therapy Neodymium Magnets are placed on the areas where the body aches. As these types of magnets are highly powerful and have a very strong magnetic field in attracting oxygen infused nutrients around the affected areas this in turn helps better blood circulation which helps in reducing the pain. Importance of Chakra Healing The healing that is done with the help of Neodymium Magnets is used to balance the chakras in our body. This is well Importance as balancing the chakras is directly related to the wellbeing of your body both mentally emotionally and physically. These chakras are basically light wheels that are located all over your bodies with the main seven ones located over the spinal region. The chakras are basically psychic muscles that also control your knowledge and understanding. If there is an imbalance it affects the well-being of your body. With Neodymium Magnets placed on the chakras the balance of the body is corrected. The Benefits of The Treatment Though Magnet treatment with the help of Neodymium Magnets had faced initial doubts over the years its effectiveness has established it as an effective way of pain treatment. It was proved to be highly effective in treating diverse severe health conditions like depression arthritis spinal injuries sinus epilepsy wound healing. Moreover it is used as a rehabilitation treatment for severe health ailments like MS and Cancer. However if you are planning for magnetic treatments consult an expert to enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

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Application of Neodymium Magnet The Rare Earth Magnet Neodymium magnets are Rare Earth Magnet which is the strongest among all permanent magnets. It has the largest and strongest magnetic field as compared to other magnets like ferrite and alnico magnets. These types of magnets have completely revolutionized the way the magnet is in different industries and fields. Some of the fields were this type of magnets are used effectively are electronics medical science renewable energy technology motor vehicles and magnetic resonance imaging. The capability of these magnets to stay stable when exposed to drift electromagnetic fields created by other permanent magnets make these magnets the ideal components for different mechanisms and different applications. The Different Types of Magnets And Its Features Neodymium Magnet is available in the market in variety of sizes and shapes. As these are used in different industries and applications the size and shape of the magnets depend on the specific need of the product. Some of the most common shapes that Neodymium Magnets are found are discs rings or blocks among many other shapes and sizes. As these magnets are known for their massive strength resistance to demagnetization and incredible longevity it the most preferred type of magnet across all types of industries. Application of Magnets In Education Magnets often are used to facilitate education among students of all ages. The simple idea is to make them aware of its capacity and features from an early age so that they can use them more effectively in the later stages of life. They often discover the power of the Rare Earth Magnet how they can attract and repel with the help of different experiments in the science labs. Even small children are often introduced to the power of magnets through building block toys or other types of toys that have this magnet in them. Usefulness In Treatments And Therapy This Rare Earth Magnet has been a revolution in pain management treatment across the word. Known as Magnetic Therapy Neodymium Magnets are used to correct the Chakra balance in the human body that helps to restore better blood circulation in the body and greater agility. The magnets are a place of the injured part of the body and it activates the oxygen filled nutrients towards it and helps in the healing of the place. This medical therapy has been a revolutionary treatment and many have been facilitated from this unique alternative pain management treat. Application of Magnets Almost all electrical appliances that we use are based on the simple theory of magnetism. Electromagnetic waves are used for all types of electronic goods to function. Be it the radio or the Television or smartphones or earphones that you use have Rare Earth Magnet installed in them. Computer hard drives or microphones or loudspeakers too work with the help of these magnets. There magnets are found in electric scooters cars and bicycles along with airplanes. Motors and generators of different machines MRI scanners and bearing vending machines and many other types of machines all work on theories magnetism.

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