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Tapas is an essential part of the social culture of Spain and is something that every visitor to Spain should experience.


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Spanish tapas Spanish tapas Raquel Bernal

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What is a tapa What is a tapa A tapa is the name of a variety of snacks in Spanish cuisine. Also in some countries it is customary to stand and move about while eating tapas for dinner. Raquel Bernal

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History of Spanish tapas History of Spanish tapas The Spanish tapas were born in the XIII century because the king Alfonso X called “The wise man” said that wine can’t be drunk without food because you get easily drunk. Raquel Bernal

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Types of tapas Types of tapas There are a lot of tapas. Spanish tapas can be warm or cold tapas can be served with bread like a sandwitch or on a plate. Raquel Bernal

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The “Jamón serrano” The “Jamón serrano” The jamón serrano in English: Cured ham is a very important tapa in our culture. The cured ham it’s a type of food obtained from the salting and air drying of the legs of the pig. Raquel Bernal

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“ “ Patatas bravas” Patatas bravas” hot potatoes hot potatoes In Spain there is a tapa called “patatas bravas”. This tapa consists of a plate with pieces of potatoes covered with a type of sauce called “brava”hot. Apart from this spicy ingredient you can add ketchup and mayonaisse. Raquel Bernal

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“ “ Empanadillas” pasty Empanadillas” pasty In our country there’s a tapa called “empanadillas”. This tapa consists of a pastry stuffed with tunna or meat with pepper. “Empanadillas” have got a semicicle shape. This tapa is served hot. Raquel Bernal

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