Difference between SS Landing valve and DM Landing valve

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Difference Between SS Landing Valves DM Landing Valve DM Landing Valve and SS Landing Valve are the core parts in a complete fire controlling system. Both Hydrant valves and Landing valves have the same body design which is strongly and sturdily built and are powerful enough to resist the harsh environment. Although with inter-wined and similar functions both hydrant valves landing valves have their specific applications. The name ‘SS Landing valve’ relates the valves use for firefighting as these are commonly installed in staircase landings to provide easy access to Fire-fighters. As firewater system for industrial/municipal applications is called hydrant systems. The term ‘Hydrant valve’ describes the valve mounted on the hydrant stand support in such systems. Both valves refer to a similar type of valve though ‘Landing valve’ is more connected with building applications. The Hydrant valve is installed on the ground floor whereas the SS Landing valve is installed in all the floors of a building. At the time of fire accumulation firemen connect their fire hose with the landing valves to control the fire. They are permanently filled with water with the help of a pressurized supply. To know more visit Ranjit Marketing

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