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How Does Humor Affect Our Health? English Project by Ran Hadar For Nellie Deutsch December 2008

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Humor is a powerful emotional medicine and can lower stress, reduce anger and unite families that are going through difficult times. It also helps us to avoid loneliness by making connections with other people who are attracted to people who are genuinely cheerful.

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Many scientists have studied the affects humor and laughter have on our health. Many of them spent many years proving what is now well-known among the scientific community

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“humor can change a person. It has two steps; a healthy irritation and a deep relaxation” (Dr. William Fray)

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Several studies have been made in order to research the effects of humor on our physical health. These studies have shown numerous results in many aspects.

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Muscle Relaxation

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Reduction of Stress Hormones

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Immune System Enhancement

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Cellular Immunity

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Pain Reduction

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humor is good for mental health because it simply makes us feel good.

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Using humor and laughter improve our lives and make it that much better!

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So… If you want to be healthy, Don’t forget to

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Smile Laugh Be Happy Do What Feels Good

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In Conclusion Humor can Affects your Health!

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Thank You Very Much Ran Hadar

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