Seven Essential Tips To Make Website Mobile Friendly


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Seven Essential Tips To Make Website Mobile Friendly

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Introduction: In the digital world we all know that how technology plays an important role in modern era. Technology write for us many essential things to make us easy.One of them is Mobile technology .Where 80 to 90 percent users have mobile phones and half part of traffic comes from those online users. Now it’s very clear picture we have how websites should be mobile friendly .

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Why did we need to make mobile friendly websites From the starting of using mobile phones and internet we started avalanche.And it is growing day by day. And at that time we noticed mobile phones users are more than desktop users and to see this owner of websites started to preparing and serving to users their websites mobile friendly.

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Here are 7 tips to make websites mobile friendly: 1.By compressing CSS and images 2.Testing 3.Font sizes 4.Make users to easily find information according to their search 5.Use viewport Meta tag 6.Turn off auto correct option 7.Website responsive

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1.By compressing CSS and images: We all have always focus on loading of our website if we talk about mobile users our patience on high demand with short supply.Best way to increase speed of website in mobile we look forward to high resolution image and CSS. By compressing them we can increase the speed of website in mobile phones.

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2.Testing: It’s not a type of mobile version of website . It’s very necessary to test website is mobile friendly or not.

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3.Font sizes: For many people it is hard to read something on small screen then let’s make easy tiny thinks for all. On webpages font size should be atleast 14px.

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4.Make users to easily find information according to their search: At the time of browsing any website using mobile phones many people are in a hurry for this it is important to make our website someway where user can get their information in few clicks.

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5.Use viewport Meta tag: It is very easiest way to check how your website will show on mobile phones and other small screens And for this all we want to paste in HTML tag for every page. The syntax of HTML is: meta name”view port” Content”widthdevice-widthinitial-scale1”

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6.Turn off auto correct option: Forms are difficult to access every people so as a developer we need to know the requirnments of users. So by using auto correct option many times users having problem in accessing . So turn off the auto correct option to make user friendly.

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7.Website responsive: While SEO on our website we found the more traffic comes from mobile users .by taking the time makes sure that your website is mobile friendly or not

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Conclusion : By making websites mobile friendly we are easy to access any information anywhere anytime.Our developers are making more efforts to introduce more technologies to make more efficient for us. This way we can save our time. Without wasting any time we do our work anywhere anytime. Regards TECHNOLOGY MOON

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Thank you

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