OMR Sheet Reading Using OMR Software

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This slideshow shows helps you to get rid from omr sheets checking. OMR Software makes this process on complete autopilot. Read more @


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OMR Sheet Reading using Smart Reader:

OMR Sheet Reading using Smart Reader

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New Template: Template Information New Template helps user to provide a new OMR form details and specifications.

Entity Details :

Entity Details The term Entity means fields on the OMR Form. So user has to describe each and every field they want to capture from it.

Entity Values :

Entity Values Entity Values allow user to enter value in the selected Entity. The entity value could contain a predefined series like 1-0, 0-9, A-Z or user can enter custom values like Male and Female for Gender Entity etc.

Question Details :

Question Details Question Detail section is used for MCQ (Multiple Choice Question), there is no need of creating entity for them. This section supports multiple sets of MCQ with different sets of rows and columns.

Option Values :

Option Values Option Values are Question Set bubbles value in most of the cases it is A,B,C,D or 1,2,3,4 or anything that you want

Question Key :

Question Key This window is used to set question key for questions, Here user can find four columns for answer key that is Key1 for Set A, Key2 for Set B, Key3 for Set C, Key4 for Set 4. User can put keys A,B,C,D or 1,2,3,4

Sections :

Sections Divide questions in different sections and get score accordingly

Design Template :

Design Template Design Template is a section where we have to define the position of the entity created by us in entity creation. We have to select the entity one by one and place the circles on respective position.

Delete Template :

Delete Template Delete Template deletes all the corresponding data related to selected template. You could also delete multiple templates by selecting them.

Read OMR Form :

Read OMR Form This is the most used section of the application, as this read the OMR form from scanned images.

Apply Score :

Apply Score Read OMR Form This is the most used section of the application, as this read the OMR form from scanned images. Apply Score is feature that keeps result making separate from OMR form processing. In many examination processes answer key is very confidential and if given in beginning can result in tampering of result. Thus this option is separated and answer key can be feed after all processing is being done. Just choose the template name and click on apply score.

View and Export :

View and Export View and Export create a custom view as per user requirement and export data in excel, xml, csv , pdf and html format.

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