Some Small Living Room Decorating Tips

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This PPT talks about decoration ideas for a small living room that go a long way in making it look larger and spacious.


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Some Small Living Room Decorating Tips :

Some Small Living Room Decorating Tips


If you think designing and decorating a small living room is difficult, then you need to consider these decoration ideas for small living room definitely. Once you start decorating your small living room, you will find it is not that difficult too. There are endless of options you can choose from having floating shelves, full-length curtains to right furniture. You can do a lot of decorating to ensure your small living room gets the perfect look and feel.   Consider these space-saving decoration tips for your living room:

Show Off Your Creative Side:

Show Off Your Creative Side The first step to perfect small living room design is to optimize the available space the right way. For tight spaces, you can opt for an L-shaped sofa. The same can be teamed up with trunks. The same can be used as coffee tables and also store things. Your small living room requires a lot of planning and space optimization to get the most of it.

How About Having Patterns?:

How About Having Patterns? Not many know, but patterns work the best for small living room. One of the greatest benefits of the same is that it helps the living room seem bigger and spacious. However, you need to give a lot of thought on where to put it. For cosy country firesides, you can opt for woollen fabrics, apart from this, you can even have floral throws and cushions. If you want to blend two room together, then you are advised to use a natural flooring rug.

Decorate the Room with Mirrors:

Decorate the Room with Mirrors When it comes to making your small living room seem larger and spacious, you are advised to decorate the same with mirrors. All you have to do is hang a large mirror in room’s centre in order to create a focal point. You can put it behind any light source like a candle or even pendant lamp to create a cosy ambience. Apart from this, you can even position it across the window thus reflecting the view of the outside. It does the job of giving an illusion of another window.

Hang the Items High:

Hang the Items High Just because you have a small living room, it does not mean you cannot hang the items you love. Instead of storing these items in the cupboard or the trunk, you can hang them right above the sofa area. It is one of the best ways to show off your favourite items.


These are some of the amazing and easy small living room ideas you can consider when decorating or designing it.

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