Insider Look – Getting A Sneak Peek Into Irrfan Khan’s Home

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Explore Irrfan Khan’s new house, and see the different elements that go into making Irrfan Khan’s new home awesome.


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Insider Look – Getting A Sneak Peek Into Irrfan Khan’s Home:

Insider Look – Getting A Sneak Peek Into Irrfan Khan’s Home

Relaxation- Unlimited!:

Relaxation- Unlimited! No one does suave quite as well as Irrfan Khan. And Irrfan Khan’s home reflects this better than anything else. Irrfan Khan’s new home, in Mumbai’s Andheri area, is a testament to the fantastic taste that the actor sports, and comes complete with a host of comfortable places to sit and relax on, including a beautifully decked out swing, which lends a sense of style and comfort to Irrfan Khan’s new house.

A Space Away From The Daily Grind:

A Space Away From The Daily Grind In a city where space is a premium, Irrfan Khan breaks the mold with a gigantic living room, that encompasses all the elements that the actor holds dear. Opening out to a great deal of greenery, Irrfan Khan’s home includes a large-size pool, a testament to the actor’s love for water bodies. Irrfan Khan’s new house makes use of subtle colours , interspersed with vibrant splashes of bright blue colours .

Style Be Thy Mantra:

Style Be Thy Mantra Irrfan Khan ’s penchant for natural fabrics and elements can clearly be seen in every aspect of his home. Irrfan Khan’s new house makes use of a large amount of wood in every element, be it the flooring, the center tables, or the nick knacks that are spread out tastefully throughout the home.

Unobstructed Class:

Unobstructed Class A perfect blend of natural wooden textures, and white walls, Irrfan Khan’s home has a blend of different forms of style, ranging from subtly done wall paintings, to curved thresholds and elegant rugs. All the elements show the eclectic style that Irrfan Khan associates himself with. Irrfan Khan’s new house is strewn with interesting curios, and elegantly appointed lamps and other such elements.

Victories Galore:

Victories Galore Irrfan Khan’s body of work speaks for itself, and the actor has the accolades to go with it. Irrfan Khan’s new house features many a space where acclaimed awards from different functions, both national and international, lie strewn. Irrfan Khan’s house also makes use of a lot of wooden displays, to showcase not just the awards, but also provide a space for the many novels and tomes that the actor and his family love to pore over.

A Vibrant Contrast of Colours:

A Vibrant Contrast of Colours The colour ‘Blue’ is a favored shade in Irrfan Khan’s home, and the actor has dedicated many a corridor and corner to be decked out in shades of blue. Irrfan Khan’s new house employs a contrast of stone and blue walls, both in raw shades, to showcase a rustic, yet stylish contrast that really helps to make every element of Irrfan Khan’s house stand out.

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