Expand your small living room with these handy tips

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This PPT speaks about small living room design tips that you can easily implement. These tips are highly practical and extremely effective.


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Expand your small living room with these handy tips:

Expand your small living room with these handy tips


Flooring - Using the right flooring material can significantly help expand your living space. Go for laminate wood flooring as it gives the illusion of a large and light space. Tiles are also a great option as they lengthen the space by adding lines. It is advisable to avoid carpets in small spaces as they tend to reduce the space.


Walls - A smart small living room design tip is to have layers of graffiti paint in play of sheens. This will help create the illusion of depth. If the ceiling is low, paint vertical stripes so that the room appears taller. If you want to expand the room breadthwise, use horizontal stripes. It is recommended to go with complementary colors rather than contrasting colors.


Ceiling - A ceiling with the right finish can help in making the room feel bigger. A good idea is to get a decorative plaster finish that adds sheen. This finish will help in moving light around the space and create an illusion of space.


Lighting – The secret to good small living room interior design is to have the right lighting. Maximize natural light by getting floor-to-ceiling windows. Prefer roman blinds, sheer curtains or shutters over drapes in dark shades. Install a statement light fixture like a chandelier to make the room feel taller and larger. A chandelier’s diameter helps open up a space. Also, the glass catches the light and helps draw the line of sight upwards.


Use of glass or mirrors – Glass is an excellent technique of expanding a space, it helps create the illusion of great depth in a space. Similarly, mirrors are a tried and tested technique of expanding a small space. Have a large mirror on a wall or place several small ones on a mantelpiece. A good small living room interior design idea is to place a large mirror opposite a window. It will significantly help brighten up the room.


Create space zones - A good small living room design idea is to delineate the space. While the space is limited in square footage, the functionality of the space need not be limited. Have different space zones such as a small entertaining area, a sleeping area and a desk area.

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