Why Android OS a Preferred Platform for Your On-demand App Development

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Android is a preferred on-demand app development platform due to various reasons, and M-connect Solutions discuss it in a comprehensive way for your next project.


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Why Android OS a Preferred Platform for Your On-demand App Development Mobile app marketplaces are flooding with exceeding numbers of apps. So when someone wants an app for a particular service confusion is normal. For instance if you wish to fix a dinner tonight with a list of menu items in mind you have to download or surf nearly dozens of apps from different restaurants in your vicinity. To avoid such scenario smart entrepreneurs have created on-demand application concept for mobile users. They have tied knots with restaurants and hotels in the city and offer them a place to advertise their business in exchange for some percentage on each successful order and payment. The same concept is working in most of the on-demand services and their on-demand mobile apps. If you are a startup or app entrepreneur and thinking of an app for your conceptualized on-demand service you may have brighter chances to get success if you adopt the right on-demand mobile app development strategy and planning accordingly. Selection of Mobile OS Platform Out of various considerations the selection of the mobile OS platform is crucial. It is because the mobile OS platform decides the volume of your audience. For example Android OS has a lion share with 84.8 of smart devices while iOS squeezed up to only 14.4 of the market. However it is true that you have to select the mobile OS platform where your majority of the audience. It means if your most of audience have iOS devices selection of Android OS for your on-demand mobile app development may prove a useless investment. Fortunately the occurrence of Android OS found almost all regions of the world and almost equally distributed. Therefore your chances are high to capture a vast audience when you create an on- demand app for any region of the globe. Therefore wise advice follows Android app development for your on-demand mobile app project. Apart from a vast audience several other advantages come with Android OS platform choice for you on-demand Android app development. Let’s check those in a nutshell. On-demand Services Require Location-based Features The majority of on-demand services are exploring location-based services including GPS and Google Maps. Android platform offers complete support for location-based features. Android devices have built-in GPS support and Google Map related services are easily accessible in Android devices as built-in functionality. On-demand app programmers have eased to integrate as well as customize location-based services and features on the Android platform compared to iOS.

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On-demand App Design Requires Live Chat Voice Assistant Features Live chat group chat and AI-powered Chatbot are some common requirements in on-demand app development. Therefore on-demand app developers prefer Android platform first where they can get a voice assistant and support for Chatbot like AI-powered chat solutions. They find freedom in integration on the Android platform because it is an open source platform. Whereas iOS only allows integrations of selected services and APIs. On-demand App Development Requires Tracking Notification Features When you look at the app flow for on-demand services you will find that services providers are tracking the visitors once they recognize them through app search services. App notification feature becomes vital for successful tracking conversion and in delivering services successfully. Fortunately Android OS offers stunning support to various kinds of push notifications and messages as in-app services. Moreover you can seamlessly integrate Map and GPS services with Notification functionality to make it location sensitive. On-demand App Developers Opt for Advanced Checkout Payment Features On-demand services always need almost all popular methods of payment and locally as well as globally popular payment gateways with seamless integration. Android programming ease payment gateway integrations with quick API coding and with the least hurdles in transactions too. On-demand Application Development Requires Intensive Customization App entrepreneurs always come with innovative concepts for on-demand services. Therefore their requirements are bespoke and demand intensive customization of the application. Android platform supports it through Java/Kotlin languages frameworks and libraries. All with swift coding and accurate results. On-demand Mobile App Development Needs Multilingual Support On-demand service apps require extensive support of multiple languages which are regionally and globally popular. The android platform supports 100+ languages while iOS only 34 languages. On-demand Apps Require Cost-effective Development Android app developer can code quickly and with the least efforts compared to the iOS platform. Investment on Android labs is quite low. Availability of Android developers is ample even and at highly competitive rates. In sum you can get cost-effective on-demand app development with Android OS platform choice. On-demand Apps Development Requires Developer Community Support Many app development projects need outside support from the community of developers and on- demand apps are no an exception. Android has a vast community thanks to its open source nature

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and support of Google. You can get instant resolution of your issues whether paid or free of charges ways. Conclusion: We have realized the superiority of Android OS platform for your next on-demand app development project. However finding the right team of Android developers or Android App Development Company is daunting. M-connect Solutions has acquired the right Android developer talents over time and capable of delivering high quality on-demand apps within the shortest turnarounds at competitive rates. Would you like to talk about your ideas Website: https://mconnectsolutions.com/ E-Mail Id: infomconnectsolutions.com Follow Us: Facebook LinkedIn

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