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Rajarhat New Town Property Rates And Rajarhat New Town Projects | Rajarhat New Town Kolkata – Epitome Review @ 91637-69599


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Rajarhat New Town Projects - AS TRADE AND COMMERCE Kolkata is such a city that has terms with many old working ports. This city Kolkata in recent times is said to be as the political centers. Where politics rule each and every particular things. Till the year 1912 Kolkata was the capital of the country and was also a great place of the Supreme Court. Kolkata is supported by a good communication facility such the ways of roads, briges , railway station and the international airport which all provide us with a very easy and comfortable journey. The demand of apartments of the medium level income group is increasing where the price is ranging from INR 25 laths to 30 lakhs. The entire apartment is completely depended on the choice of the user as it is based on user-end priority. The bigger projects are getting fewer opportunities than the medium projects as because the criteria for the medium project are more than the bigger projects. So investors are earning more from the medium projects as they are more in number. The Rajarhat New Town Projects in Kolkata provides a broad space so it is easily giving support for the commercial space. The city Kolkata is full of potential enriched it in. For this reason it is reached and is reaching also to a higher place. Kolkata real estate is up to the development of various sections of the city. The property prices vary in Kolkata from one location to another. Citing an example such as the price of land is much more in Bhawanipore than comparison to the interior parts of Kolkata. The property price of Bhawanipur has risen to Rs.3000 from 2,200 per sq ft within every six months. The other progressive areas such as the places of salt lakes have a good amount for the land price. The FDI which is the FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT has also helped a lot for the real estate in Kolkata.

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Rajarhat New Town Projects

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