Different Types of Denim Fabrics


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Some facts about different varieties of denim fabrics are discussed here


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Different Types of Denim Fabrics:

Different Types of Denim Fabrics


Introduction Denim is a rugged, sturdy, twill weave woven, 100% cotton fabric. The word Denim derives from a french word Serge de Nimes and refers to the city of Nimes. Since we have embraced denim into our our daily lives, there is a huge collection of denim is available with many textiles retailers in Tirupur .

100% cotton Denim:

100% cotton Denim This is the normal denim which you can treat in many different ways to create the different types detailed below. This fabric is very durable, hard wearing and versatile.

Raw denim:

Raw denim This is a fabric which is not washed after dyeing . This washing is usually done so that the fabric becomes soft and also to eliminate shrinkage. Basically what we call in sewing as prewashing . This is also called unsanforized denim .

Colored denim:

Colored denim There are two types of coloured denim – blue and the rest of the colours. The blue colour or shades close to blue is given with a process known as indigo dying. Sulphur dying gives denim other colours like Black, pink, grey, mustard, green, red etc .

Stretch denim:

Stretch denim This is denim incorporated with stretchy synthetic fiber like lycra/ spandex which gives it stretch. The stretch of the fabric will depend on the percentage of elastane in it.

Acid wash Denim:

Acid wash Denim This is also called marble denim. This refers to a finish achieved in denim fabric using pumice stone soaked in chlorine. Colour of the fabric fades as a result of the abrasion with the stones and creates an attractive contrast with the indigo colour.

Ecru Denim:

Ecru Denim Denim that has not been dyed indigo . This fabric has the natural colour of denim which is not dyed.


Conclusion Since the denim has a lightweight fabric, the number of people using denim is increasing in large numbers. This makes a huge demand for such a fabric among many best textiles shop in Tirupur .

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