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bcci jokes


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BCCI jokes……..: 

BCCI jokes……..


As we know….. Now BCCI is giving the salary to players according to the players ' performance.                                  Drat... These people show this all the time and keep insulting us..


Sir, they are fans, they want their ticket amount refunded if the team doesn't perform well..


Brother, anyways you gonna get out after making 10-15 runs and get only a % of your salary. Why don't you get out now at 0. I will make sure you get your full amount...


Hey buddy, try and take this catch or else your salary 15k is gone...


Friends, I am gonna resign from this captaincy post. Even if I lose the toss they are frightening me that they won't give me my salary...


Sir, I think I am gonna take VRS and become an umpire like you. Even without making runs or taking wickets I will get my salary right...

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