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Klein ISD recognizes First Responders Day: 

Klein ISD recognizes First Responders Day

Ehrhardt Elementary: 

Ehrhardt Elementary

The American Flag : 

The American Flag The American flag has been around for over two centuries, waving proudly over America from sea to shining sea. Betsy Ross is given credit for bringing her to life back in 1776, but no one knows for sure. History tells us the flag became official by act of congress in 1777.


Through the years she has changed over twenty seven times. The concept of the blue union with white stars has not changed, but the stars (once only 13) are now 50, one for every state. The alternating red and white stripes remain at 13, symbolizing the original states and our colonial roots. She has become the most cherished and most recognized symbol of America.


She goes by many names…Old Glory, The Star Spangled Banner, The Grand Old Flag, and the Stars and Stripes, all names the American people have bestowed on this beautiful masterpiece of red, white, and blue. What makes our flag so special? How did she earn her hero status? What makes her stand out as THE symbol of our great country? To answer these questions, one needs only to glance at her rich resume of accomplishments.


Old Glory has gone to war many times, from the Revolutionary War, to the Gulf War, and all the wars and conflicts in between. She has walked with our foot soldiers, sailed with our sailors, and flown with our airmen…always bringing courage to those who need it most. She has gone into space, and planted her feet firmly on the moon. She rests on caskets and at gravesites, giving peace and comfort to both the living and the dead.


The Stars and Stripes stands atop all of our government buildings, from the White House, to the Capitol, to the courthouses around the nation, as if to say,…”I represent, Truth and Justice for All.” Old Glory Stands tall guarding the schoolyards of every school in America…she is the protector of tomorrow’s leaders. She goes to Little League games, Big League games, and the Olympic Games waving proudly from her lofty perch.


She loves to attend picnics, rodeos, parades, and patriotic celebrations (her favorite is the Fourth of July.) The Grand Old Flag can transform into a fireworks display where she explodes in all her glory, lighting up our skies with bursts of red, white and blue. She is the center stage of our national anthem. The Stars and Stripes can be found on billboards, bulletin boards, barns, bedspreads and bumper stickers…we show her off whenever and however, we can.


The Grand Old Flag adorns our bodies in many ways, from shirts, dresses, and scarves, to ribbons, neckties and hats. She sparkles on our necks, wrists, and lapels in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pins…we wear her colors proudly. Our flag is not afraid of the darkness of night, and she has weathered many a storm. She never cowers in time of trouble or strife. She scoffs at danger as if to say, “You cannot destroy me…I am America.”


She stood sentry over the Pentagon, and the rubble of the World Trade Center, guarding the precious honor and dignity of those who lost their lives in the despicable attacks of September 11, 2001. Now this treasured flag, this beacon for America’s freedom, has once again been called upon to serve her country. Her vibrant colors are stained with the desert sands of Iraq and the precious blood of our soldiers as she stands proudly waving in the winds of war, whispering, “Let freedom ring.”


The American Flag has been burned, cut, trod upon, spat on, and defiled in many ways. Sometimes when she displays her colors, she is worn, tattered, faded or torn, but she still stands tall, proud and unbowed…waving majestically over America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Our Pledge of Allegiance makes her the emblem of our dedication to America, and the freedoms we all cherish. Treat her with respect and dignity…She is America. Written for Freedom Week by: Fran Zachry, Fifth Grade Teacher Ehrhardt Elementary School Klein Independent School District Spring, Texas

Wunderlich Intermediate: 

Wunderlich Intermediate

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