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ЮРОВА ЛЮДМИЛА ПАВЛОВНА ЗАБОЛОТОВСКАЯ СОШ УЧИТЕЛЬ АНГЛИЙСКОГО ЯЗЫКА урок 59 в 8 классе учебник КУЗОВЛЕВА В.П. Данный материал рекомендуется использовать по теме «Спорт и любимые занятия» в качестве итогового урока. SPORT AND HOBBIES

Задачи :: 

Задачи : Провести практику чтения, аудирования текста по теме; говорения, письма. Проконтролировать знания, умения и навыки по лексике и грамматике.



Sports in Great Britain. : 

Sports in Great Britain. The British are known to be great sport lovers. So when they are neither Playing ,nor watching games, they like to talk about them. British like to play cricket, rugby, of athletics, such as running, jumping, swimming boxing are also popular. Indeed golf, baseball, hockey , Grass-hockey. Various forms, sport Is an essential part of daily life in Britain.

Listening .: 

Listening . People all over the world like to take part in different kinds of competitions. MARTIAL ARTS IN SCHOOLS ? Jane Taylor is physical education teacher in a London school.

Martial arts in schools. : 

Martial arts in schools. Martial arts have existed for at least 3000 years. Sports such as judo and karate have given us the chance to develop new activities in schools and Mean that students have more choice. In England, traditional sports Such as football, cricket, rugby are less popular than they were.

Answer the questions :: 

Answer the questions : 1.W here did the martial arts begin? 2. What language do the words WU SHU and KUNG FU come from ?

Arguments in favour. : 

Arguments in favour. 1.martial arts teach self defence. 2.martial arts teach confidence. 3.martial arts are non-sexists. 4.boys and girls enjoy martial arts. 5.boys and girls today are too week and should be stronger.

Arguments against :: 

Arguments against : Martial arts encourage aggresion. Martial arts are too dangerous. Only boys like martial arts.Arguments against : Girls are too weak to do martial arts. Boys and girls should play more team Games.

The dictionary of port: 

The dictionary of port Judo, cricket, karate, boxing-are the martial arts. Snooker, football, rugby, Guess: tennis, hockey , Swimming, figure skating, gymnastics , Windsurfing, badminton, acrobatics, Skating, skiing, playing chess, cycling, Horse-racing, basketball, fencing.

Speaking .: 

Speaking . 1.Name sport . 2.Name sportsmen. 3.Name equipment . 4.Which of the sports are in the Olympic Games programme? 5.How do you feel about these sports?

Guess :: 

Guess : What kind of sport is it ?

Olympic games.: 

Olympic games. Olympic games have a long history.They Began in 777 BC in Greece and took place every four years for nearly twelve centuries at Olimpia.They included many Different kinds of sport : running, boxing , wrestling, etc.For the period of the Games all the wars stopped.So the Olympic Games became the symbol of peace and friendship. In 394 AD the Games were abolished and.were not renewed until many centuries later.

Questions : 

Questions When and where did the Olympic Games begin? Why did Questions the Olympic Games become the symbol of peace and friendship?


DISCUSS. In groups, discuss what you know about the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games.


READ AND COMPLETE THE TEXT. USE Activity,origins ,wrestling ,century ,political, Evidence, hunting ,desire ,invention , competitions.


GRAMMAR INSERT the words : The origins of sport are ancient. The first type of sporting 1….was Probably archery.This existed in Metholithic times (8000 BC) and was used mainly for ….2,not sport. There were archery…3 in Ancient Greece in the twelfth…4BC.

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