Price of not buying insurance

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Why you should buy health insurance click here to know more!


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Price of not buying insurance:

Price of not buying insurance


Young couple  living in Andheri, Mumbai. Husband works with Colors, wife with Times Now. Rented apartment. Left a lit ' diya ' (lamp) at home, strong wind blows - curtain catches fire and the house burnt down while both were at work. DAMAGE - 2 Lacs


30 yr old. Working with HDFC Bank. Career moving @ the speed of thought. Promising future.  Suddenly hit with a strange condition which causes bouts of choking and breathlessness. No known treatment. Each bout takes 2 days to recover from. Chances are he could slowly lose his voice.  DAMAGE - Unemployment and treatment costs 5-6Lacs, and counting.

Why Insurance?:

Why Insurance? Life is unpredictable. Your expenses can end your saving. May hit your finances.

But Remember…:

But Remember…

To Conclude…:

Buy insurance to cover your risk and possible losses DO NOT INVEST IN INSURANCE To Conclude …

To buy:

Health Insurance Critical Illness Personal Accident Home / Homeowners Term Life Car / Bike To buy

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