Health Insurance for Self-employed


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Are you self employed and having health insurance. Know all about health insurance as self employed.


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Health Insurance for Self-employed

Define your risk:

Define your risk Your health Your parent's health Dependent’s/ Family's health Recovery expenses Other charges Critical illness affecting you/your family.

Cover your risk:

Cover your risk Buy Basic Mediclaim Health Plan Individual Health Insurance Plan- Yourself and your family Family Floater Policy Senior Citizen Critical Illness Plan

Basic Mediclaim Health Plan:

Basic Mediclaim Health Plan Covers 1st, 4th and 5th risk Ideal plan for self employed

Individual Plan:

Individual Plan Similar to basic mediclaim Covers proposer and dependent on individual basis Best suited for families with older members Families with larger health expenses

Family Floater Policy:

Family Floater Policy Enhanced version of Mediclaim Larger value covers the entire family All members are covered under a same policy Lesser premium Works great for young families Families with lower expenses on healthcare

Senior Citizen:

Senior Citizen To cover parents or grandparents Little higher premium

Critical Illness Plan:

Critical Illness Plan Benefit Plan Covers expenses related to critical illness Covers R isk 6

Choose your insurance option wisely…:

Choose your insurance option wisely…

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