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Old centres, new centres, and regional development: 

Old centres, new centres, and regional development Past, present and future of the Amsterdam city-region Marco Bontje AMIDSt,University of Amsterdam

Monocentric  polycentric: 

Monocentric  polycentric Residential suburbanisation New town policies Economic suburbanisation, phase 1: functions not fitting in inner cities Economic suburbanisation, phase 2: highway locations with retail and offices ‘Post-suburbia’: commuter suburbs turn into multifunctional centres Scale enlargement and/or merger of city-regions

Fringes become centres: 

Fringes become centres Airport cities… Furniture, home improvement, garden… Hypermarkets… Malls… Entertainment centres… Sports and leisure complexes… Science and high tech parks… …What is left for the historic inner city?

Old centres strike back!: 

Old centres strike back! Shopping streets still attract crowds… …just like bars, restaurants, theatres, museums, squares, monuments Revival of inner city as residence Urban renewal and market-driven gentrification Focus of problems has shifted to post-war housing estates and to parts of new towns

City-region Amsterdam = ???: 

Administrative borders? (municipalities, provinces) Statistical borders? (COROP = NUTS-3) Political cooperation? (Amsterdam Metropolitan Area) Planning concept? (Randstad) Commuting area? Housing market area? Labour market area? City-region Amsterdam = ??? Data availability?

Three regional definitions: 

Three regional definitions Commuter area Area of political cooperation Participants in Regiomonitor (O+S / AMIDSt)

Old and new centres in the Amsterdam city-region: 

Old and new centres in the Amsterdam city-region Zaanstad Amsterdam Schiphol/ Hoofddorp Haarlem Alkmaar Almere Amstelveen

Population size (x 1000): 

Population size (x 1000)

Shifts in population composition: 

Shifts in population composition Amsterdam remains the most multi-ethnic city… …but shares of ethnic minorities increase rapidly in sub-centres and suburbs Differences in average disposable incomes between Amsterdam, sub-centres and suburbs have recently declined % single households grows, not only in cities, also in suburbs

While migrants from advanced capitalist countries are still very inner-city-oriented…: 

While migrants from advanced capitalist countries are still very inner-city-oriented… Source: Regiomonitor Amsterdam (data 2003)

…Non-Western ethnic groups are increasingly moving to city edges, sub-centres and suburbs : 

…Non-Western ethnic groups are increasingly moving to city edges, sub-centres and suburbs Source: Regiomonitor Amsterdam (data 2003)

Economic dynamics: 

Economic dynamics Deconcentration, but inner city remains economically vital Inner city: tourism, retail, nightlife, small-scale creative and ICT, science City edge: finance, large-scale creative and ICT, science, business services, mall, leisure Sub-centres: business services, ICT Highway: logistics, ‘big box retail’ Specialised hubs: Hilversum media, Aalsmeer horticulture, Schiphol airport city

Economic specialisation, 2000: 

Economic specialisation, 2000 Amsterdam Sub-centres

Research and policy challenges: 

Research and policy challenges Rethinking urban /regional development theories Adapting statistical definitions of city-regions How to bring ‘political’ and ‘actual’ city-region closer together? Amsterdam city-region: towards a metropolis? Sustainable growth? Is polycentric better or worse than monocentric? Improving data availability at city-regional level!

Regiomonitor Amsterdam: 

Regiomonitor Amsterdam Cooperation of O+S (Statistics Amsterdam) and AMIDSt (University of Amsterdam) GIS with data from 8 municipalities in Amsterdam city-region Topics so far: population composition, jobs, education level, crime, housing Shows concentrations at 6-digit postal code level Building up time series since 2000 Hopefully extending further to cover larger parts of city-region Similar initiatives in your city-region?

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