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New to Amazon Seller Platform Here's your ultimate guide to selling on Amazon from the scratch. In this article, learn how to become a seller on Amazon. Also, Analyze. Optimize. Automate your Amazon sales with SaleOnline.ai. With us, Sell More with less spend. Know more, visit https://saleonline.ai


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A Sellers Guide To Amazon Do you want to sell on Amaz on The small and medium business owners like you are no longer strangers to Amaz on. You might have realised that it’s a golden mine to reach the global consumers. But how do you do that This definitive guide will walk you through the process from the scratch. Types of accounts on Amazon for business Basically there are two types of accounts for selling your products on Amaz on Seller Vendor. Anyone can open a seller account but a vendor account can only be opened upon invitation. As a vendor you sell your products in bulk to Amaz on and Amaz on then acts as a full time distributor of your products the products are sold by Amaz on and labelled as ‘Sold by Amaz on’ But on SaleOnline.ai we are more concerned about the sellers. Anyone can be the seller on Amaz on by signing up for the ‘Seller Central’. As a seller you are in control of pricing inventory reports and customer data. Sellers have two options to handle shipping of products which we will discuss soon. 6 Step Process of Selling on Amazon 1. Register The first step of selling on Amaz on is registering for ‘Seller Central’. Visit Amaz on.com’s Home page and navigate to the bottom of page. At the bottom click on ‘Selling on Amaz on. You will be redirected to a page

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where you need to click on start selling on Amaz on. Now you are at the sign up page for ‘Seller Central’ as shown above. 2. Choose the Selling Plan Next you need to choose the right selling plan. You can either opt for ‘Professional Selling Plan’ or ‘Individual Selling Plan’. If you want to sell more than 40 products a month ‘Sell as a Professional’ otherwise if you sell less than 40 items a month ‘Sell as Individual. The Professional account has a monthly 39.99 fees and some extra selling charges are levied. Rather the Individual account has 0.99 fees per sale and other selling fees. 3. Add Products Once you are done with the registration start building up your online store on Amaz on by listing your Products on Amaz on. You can either add one product at a time or batches of products using bulk tools. Make sure fill up all the details of your product and high quality photos of products. You can also add offers discounts shipping options payment options for products.

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4. Sell your Products When you have listed your products Customers start seeing your product in their searches. They start placing the orders. But do you wonder is it so easy For the customers to place order your listings must be highly visible on Amaz on. How We will discuss this soon. 5. Shipping Products As an Amaz on seller both the individual and Professional Amaz on sellers have option to opt for Fulfilment by Amaz on FBA. If you choose this Amaz on manages the shipping of products for the FBA qualified products

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customer service and returns. On the other hand either of the sellers can choose Fulfilment by Merchants where the seller himself takes care of the storage shipping and customer services. 6. Payment Amaz on collects the payment of orders for your products and deposits it to your bank account on regular intervals. How to become successful on Amazon After reading the above post I am sure you feel quite confidant on becoming a seller on Amaz on. Anybody can become a seller but how many of them actually become successful There are millions of business owners and individual sellers listing their products on Amaz on. If you search for a product in Amaz on you will see thousand of products for same keyword. It’s difficult or guess the chances of your listing to be clicked by users if it’s not on the first few pages or not unique. The key to becoming a successful Amaz on seller is identifying your target keywords optimiz ing your product listings boost visibility and get found by the customers. You need to carefully optimiz e your store advertise your products to amplify your product visibility and profits. At SaleOnline.ai we are dedicated in helping the sellers reach the maximum profit margins with our Amaz on Marketing tool. Basically Amaz on Seller Central account offers advertising campaigns for sellers. We will discuss them in our next post.

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