Basic Fire Fighting

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Fire Fighting


What is Fire?

Principles of Combustion:

Principles of Combustion Heat Oxygen Fuel Fire Heat Oxygen Fuel

Principles of Extinction:

Principles of Extinction Cooling Smothering Starvation Fire Heat Fuel Fire Heat Fire Fuel Fire Oxygen Fire Heat Oxygen Fire Heat

Classification of Fire:

Classification of Fire Class A (Solid fire) Paper / Wood / Cloth Class B (Liquid fire) Oil / Petrol/ Varnish Class C (Gas fire) Methane / Ethane Class D (Chemical Fire) Aluminium/Magnesium Class E Electrical / Electronics Fire

Fire Extinguishers:

Fire Extinguishers Water Type for Class A fire only Dry Powder for Class A, B, C & E CO 2 for Class B, C & E For Electronic Equipment its better to use CO 2 instead of dry powder Never use on Liquid or Electrical Fire

Prevention of Fire:

Prevention of Fire Prevent Starting of Fire Prevent spreading of fire

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