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St Thomas the Apostle 100th Anniversary March 5th, 2011:

St Thomas the Apostle 100th Anniversary March 5th, 2011 1910 -11 2011

Welcome Everyone! A time to reflect…:

Welcome Everyone! A time to reflect… OUR CHURCH HISTORY TELLS US…. St . Thomas the Apostle Church is now a Century year old. It’s turreted steeple, surmounted by a gold-leafed cross, was for many years the tallest structured landmark in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. It gave a little town a church that could pass for a cathedral, crediting the vision and efforts of Fr. Thomas J. Purcell and dedicated parishioners of St. Thomas at the time. Built for a modest some of $46,000, it would be later recognized as the finest architectural structure in the region and eventually listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It all began in November 1890, when the first Mass was celebrated in a small framed church on the southwest corner of Fourth Street and Indiana Ave. which was later dedicated to St Thomas.

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First Catholic Church in Coeur d’Alene, Id. Built in 1890 at the southeast corner of Fourth Street and Indiana Ave. for the total sum of $400.

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On November 23, 1890, less than five month after Idaho was admitted to the Union , Father Smith said the first Mass at the new church, which was later dedicated to St. Thomas. Views of the inside of the new church

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St . Thomas parish began with the first catholic soldiers to arrive at Fort Sherman. A small chapel on the fort grounds was shared by Catholics and Protestants. In 1889 Father Robert Smith of Gonzaga frequented Coeur d’Alene to say mass. At his suggestion the Catholic community raised $400. to build the first Catholic Church at Fourth and Indiana. The property was donated by Reverend A. J. Glorieux, Bishop of Boise, who purchased the lot with his own money. In December 1892, a newly ordained priest from Rome, Rev, John F. MacKeown, was assigned as the resident priest. His stayed only one year. The Jesuits from Spokane, WA were called to assist, and took charge of the parish until 1894 when Father F. A. Becker arrived. In 1897 he was transferred to Wallace, Idaho. He was succeeded by a young, not quite 30 year old, newly ordained priest, Father Thomas J. Purcell, a secular priest who would become a towering figure in the history of St Thomas the Apostle.

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Fr. Thomas J. Purcell – S erved CDA – 1897 to 1914 Died September 3, 1925 , in Wallace, ID. His funeral was at St. Thomas, attended by Bishops from three states, 31 priests and over 700 laypersons. He was buried in St. Thomas Cemetery. MORE ABOUT Father Purcell. He was a native of Wales, came to the United States with his family at age 11. He worked the coal mines of Pennsylvania. Later he made his way west by hitch-hiking and landed in Spokane, WA. There he met up with Father Cataldo, S.J. and through his influence studied to be a priest. He was ordained in Montreal in 1896, just one year before coming to Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.. Two years after his arrival he was transferred to Rathdrum where he built Idaho’s first brick church, St. Stanislaus. He returned every two weeks to say mass at St. Thomas.

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In 1902 Fr. Purcell returned to St. Thomas. By then Coeur d’Alene, was a booming town, growing through the lumber industry. Generous with helping others and tenacious in his own care, he did his own cooking and he walked everywhere he went. This included a trek across country to Scranton Pennsylvania , headquarters of the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary to persuade them to open a Catholic School in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. This venture took two trips, in 1901 and 1902, before he could convince the Sisters to open a Catholic School in Coeur d’Alene. (His trip was paid by Captain J.J. O’Brien, who later became a Major) On July 3, 1903 Sister Clement and Sister Zita arrived in Coeur d’Alene to open the new school . In September 1903, after passing inspection, Sister Clement became the new Superior of the Immaculate Heart Community and Principal of the first Catholic School in Coeur d’Alene, St,Cyril’s. Enrollment said to have been 64 students. Growing attendance soon made it inadequate.

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1903 -Sister Mary clement of the Immaculate Heart order came to Coeur d’Alene from Oregon, where her order had opened a school in 1897. Superior of the first Catholic School in Coeur d’Alene, she later became first superior of IHM Academy.

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With the abandoning of Fort Sherman in 1901, they were able to expand when the Fort buildings were auctioned in 1905. James Graham, representing the Sisters, successfully bid on the Fort H ospital building. A full square block just south of the present church had been donated to the Sisters by Captain O’Brien, and the hospital was moved there at the cost of $1,200. Not long after the Fort Sherman Opera house, purchased by R.B. Stack of Stack-Gibbs Lumber, was donated and moved on rollers to the site. St. Cyril’s school building was attached to the opera house. The combined buildings became residence of the Sisters and the Academy of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Sept. 1903 – St. Cyril’s, the first Catholic School .

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Fort Sherman Hospital, purchased and donated by James Graham, was moved to one block southeast of the church was used as a Convent for the Nuns and the School.

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Old Fort Opera House , purchased and donated by R.B Stack, was moved to the southwest corner of Ninth and Indian on rollers, and became part of the classrooms.

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THE VISION AND BIRTH OF ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE… After helping to establish a quality school, Fr. Purcell set out to build an adequate church. With the support of his parishioners, Fr. Purcell pursued his vision to build a new church. Approximately $30,000. in pledges were donated by the parishioners. Excavation began in June, 1909. On August 22, 1910, Bishop Glorieux laid the cornerstone. Structural work started in October and completed May 1, 1910. Contracts to complete the interior was signed in November 23, 1910. March 5, 1911 The parish occupied the Church on with the first celebration of Mass. The dedication ceremony took place May 30, 1912. The Right Reverend Edward J. O’Dea, Bishop of Seattle, was the celebrant at a Pontifical High Mass with Bishop A . J. Glorieux as the dedicator. Others participating in the dedication was book bearer Harold Spain and candle bearer, Justin MacMillan.

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1909 - Twenty-five workers standing on the front of the building with Fr. Purcell standing on the lower right.

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1910 – Visiting Dignitaries at the construction site

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May 1910 – St. Thomas the Apostle e xterior completed .. First mass was celebrated on March 5, 1911, however it was not dedicated until May 30, 1912. The architect of the inside interior of this inspiring building was F.P. Rooney, of the firm of Stritesky & Rooney of Spokane, WA. E.M . Krieg, of Coeur d’Alene was in charge of the construction work.

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MOVING FORWARD IN CHURCH AND COMMUNITY… In the first decade of the century the parish became not only larger but more organized. Coeur d’Alene’s Catholic population grew from 20 families to 200 families in the first 10 years. Groups like the Catholic Women’s Benefit Club, Catholic Order of Foresters and the Knights of Columbus were among the parish organizations founded during this period. During this time the parish also opened its own Cemetery at the east edge of town on property donated by John J. Costello. St . Thomas the Apostle Church was a source of great pride for the Catholic community. In 1909 the Lumber Industry was flourishing and many took advantage of the Homestead Act of 1909. However, before the church was even completed the picture darkened for Fr. Purcell and his dedicated parishioners. The Great fire of 1910 crippled the Lumber Industries of North Idaho., financially affecting families and the growth of Coeur d’Alene.

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However, in 1913 Fr. Purcell with failing health could not withstand the financial debt which caused him to approach the Redemptorist Community in November. They had been conducting Missions in Coeur d’Alene at the time. After much negotiating a decisions was made for the Redemptorist to purchase the parish debt of $23,000, and on May 1914 the Redemptorist took charge of the parish. Three Redemptorists, Father Mathias Meyer, C.Ss.R, Father Marcellus Ryan, C.Ss.R, and Brother Vitus Borgess, arrived on May 26 th , 1914. The parishioners, missing they’re beloved Pastor, Fr. Purcell, did not shine up to the Redemptorist at first but later learned to accept their new charge. On February 14, 1921 Sister Clement died leaving a legacy of “a saintly women of exceptional mind and heart.” It was said that except for Fr. Purcell, no individual exerted more influence in St. Thomas Parish than this “heroic nun.”

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By 1915 the Redemptorist owned the complete city block encompassing Ninth, Tenth and Wallace Ave. A 50 foot corridor was built to connect houses facing Indiana which became the Redemptorist Rectory. Later a two story framed building was constructed behind the monastery. (noted at the N- Arrow) It had parlors on the first and second floor and was used as a Parish Hall. The first event was a card party in April 1915.

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Juliet House - Pictured here in 1957, was located on the southeast corner of the church grounds. It was used to say daily mass, hold classes and other social functions. Former home of Fr. Purcell.

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MORE NEEDS AND CHALLENGES… In March 1921 when Father Henry Schutten, C.Ss.R became pastor. he acquired land for the addition to the parish Cemetery that same year. In May 1923, the pews in the church were replaced. Work on the shrines and the stairway to the Choir loft was remodeled. A new organ was installed in 1924. Noted in our history the parish paid $10,000 to recondition it and believed it was “money well spent.” 1926 – The grade school was declared a free school by the Bishop and the Parish was to pay the Sister’s $180.00 monthly. In 1928 – Excavation of the new Redemptorist Monastery, also known as the Redemptorist Mission House began and was completed in December 1929 and dedicated the following January 1930.

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1928 - The new Redemptorist Rectory was built at a cost of $ 42,000. (Only a little less than the cost of the Church construction in 1910) It was dedicated on January 18, 1929 . A generous gift from a benefactor, Mrs. Mary Juliet, got the project started . 1928

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1928 – Arial view of St. Thomas the Apostle

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1921 -1924 The Pres. Bench Handcrafted by Alphonse Hochard, C.Ss.R

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OTHERS WHO GENEROUSLY GAVE….at the time…. ALTAR of classical design was donated by Mrs. Teresa Graham. ALTAR RAIL was donated by the Ladies Altar Society CANDELABRA was donated by the Knights of Columbus… it hung in the center of the sanctuary. It was removed when the remodeling of the sanctuary was done in 1974 and not replaced. Much praise was give to the Ladies of the Parish who laboriously gave their time and talent in their efforts to raise funds to meet the expenses the church had assumed. Agony of the Garden stain glass window was a gift of Mrs. J. Monagle. The center window in the transept commemorates the Jubilee of Bishop Glorieux, and the Healing of the sick child window is in memory of deceased members of the Purcell Family.

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In the early 1930’s the Great Depression happened, bringing acute financial problems to the parish. There were tensions between the St. Thomas Parish and the diocesan office because the Church belonged to the Redemptorist and not the diocese. In the end, the diocese took possession over the Church and the Cemetery in 1934, Title to the remaining property on the church block remained with the Redemptorist. 1939 – The parish started to flourish again, growing from 300 families to 1,000 families. The debt was reduced to $8,000. More growth happened after the Naval Training Station was established on Lake Pend Oreille. School classrooms became so overcrowded that freshman and sophomore classes had to be held in Father Purcell’s house across from the Academy on corner of Tenth and Indiana. One of the most memorable figures at this time was Fr. Troik, who was known for his pitching in baseball. He perfected and upshot pitch known as the rising fastball. He was also a gifted organist, pianist and singer. He performed on at least one occasion at the city’s Civic Center.

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FREE TO MOVE ON…. January 1945- Father Alexis Dittrich announced that St. Thomas Parish was free of debt. The Diocese then requested that monies be put aside for a new parish school. This became a reality in 1949 with and the new school on Tenth and Indiana opened on February 1950. We now know as our Parish Center.

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A GROWING NEED… In 1953 the sisters announced plans for a new Catholic High School to be built on the south west block of Indiana and 9 th Street. Father Joseph Maier presided at the groundbreaking on September 3, 1956. The School was dedicated by Bishop James Byrne November 4, 1957 .

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1958 – Altar front…Showing Angels ascending the walls adjourning the sanctuary arch During this time other restoration work was being done on the interior of the church . January 2, 1958 Fire at the Christmas Nativity Scene at the right front of the altar. Damage cost estimated at $25,000. Back of church Altar front with Angels

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Left to Right- Fr. Maier, ??-??, Fr. Debolt, Bishop Trienen, Fr. Fitzgerald, Fr. Dawson, Fr. Collins, Fr. Brogley & Fr. Rassley Fr. Debolt-Bishop Trienen-Fr. Fitzgerald and the Knights of Columbus honor guard REDEMPTORIST 50 TH JUBILEE AUGUST 1965

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PARISH AND SCHOOL GROWING IN SPIRIT…. January 22, 1960 – Bishop Byrne came to Coeur d’Alene to celebrate the completion of the city’s new St. Vincent de Paul facility. Although experiencing early difficulties, they began to become a successful enterprise, that as you know is a growing organization in our community at this time. In 1962 -The Sister’s convent buildings were condemned by the City of Coeur d’Alene and a new building was constructed on the northeast corner of the Academy block. The parish assumed the debt of $125.000. In the late 60’s the Academy not only flourished academically, it produced great athletic teams in Basketball and Football. Under the coaching of Gene Boyle, both sports succeeded in winning Championship Awards .

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Coach Gene Boyle’s message to us…. “I was blessed to teach with a wonderful group of Nuns who were great educators. One of the girls had noted to him that they called Immaculate Heart of Mary a Camelot. The student athletes were exceptional. My wife and I have great memories of those years. “ He noted that it was the best experience he had, just fresh out of college, to teach and coach at IHM ACADEMY Coach Gene Boyle -1964 - 1969

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I H M ACADEMY - Basketball - SPIRIT OF WINNING In 1968 the Academy b asketball and football teams won North Idaho Team of the year. In four years the teams won 132 victories and only 27 losses. Before coach Gene Boyle arrival Tom Jacobson was a volunteer coach for 6 years. Don Johnston headed up the Booster Club. Basketball - State Champions – 1967 -68 Team of the Year 1967 Cheering them on!

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I H M ACADEMY Team of the Year – 1965 -1966-1967 -1969 Undefeated – 1965 -1966- 1967 -1969 1967 Team

Slide 35:

Melburn Stone (Doc Adams of Gunsmoke )celebrates with Coach Gene Boyle & Team I H M ACADEMY – Football & Basketball Celebrates -1967

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Altar before 1974 restoration A growing church moving forward…

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November 1974 - Restorations continued. T he walls were redone and the Altar relocated to adapt to the priests facing the people during the celebration of the Mass. The front altar you see is part of the original altar. Al Stockwell and Jim Bellamy added their talents in the Restorations in the church. During this time also the Latin mass was changed to E nglish. This all was the result of Vatican II. Note back Altar area after remodel then. … and now

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Fr. Nuttman faced many challenges during his time as Pastor. Many were leaving the church for Fundamentalist Churches. There were a decrease in vocations, the financial economy of Coeur d’Alene was in near collapse. Mines were mostly closed and Silvery Valley and the lumber mills around Coeur d’Alene were closing. It was the building of the Coeur d’Alene Resort by Duane Hagadone and Jerry Jaeger (a graduate of IHM in 1966) that helped the economy revive. Coeur d’Alene became a flourishing tourist center, which continues yet today. Fr. Nuttman said Farewell to all In July 1987 and left for Seward, Alaska on August 7, 1987. It was a great sadness for all who knew him when his death occurred December 2, 2010. 1981-1987 Fr. Joseph Nuttman, Pastor

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SERVING THE COMMUNITY.. Local Redemptorist who served St. Thomas the Apostle from 1949 to 1984

Slide 40:

1953 -1959 Fr. Joseph Maier, C.Ss.R , Pastor July 1962 Fr. Thomas Leeman, C.Ss.R -Assistant Pastor 1959 – 1964 Fr. Frederick Vickstrom, C.Ss.R - Pastor

Slide 41:

1960 – 1964 Fr. Donald Herdner, C.Ss.R Assistant 1965 -1968 Fr. Bernard Hopkins, C.Ss.R 1981 Fr. Thomas Mathes, C.Ss.R 1984 – 1986 Fr. Raymond Lassell, C.Ss.R

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1966 – 1969 Fr. George Kathrein, C.Ss.R Missionary 1961 – 1965 Fr. James Schuster, C.Ss.R Missionary Fr. George Dawson, C.Ss.R - Missionary Celebrated his first mass at St. Thomas in 1950. His 50 year Anniversary August 13, 2000.

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1964 - 1970 Fr. Daniel Debolt, C.Ss.R, Pastor 1945 – 1950 – Assistant 1972 -1981 Fr. Francis McMahon, C.Ss.R - Pastor

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KEEPING FAITH IN HARD TIMES…. In 1971 the Superior of Immaculate Mother House in Scranton, Pennsylvania, because of the need for more nuns to teach there, had made the painful decision to close their schools on the West coast. The Parish community was deeply hurt, dealing with the loss of the school and dedicated sisters who served Coeur d’Alene for 70 years. They would be deeply missed. After the Catholic Schools closed in 1971, the High School building with attached gymnasium, located across from the church, was sold to the Coeur d’Alene School District. All grade school and highschool children ( 700 students) had to then transfer to the public school system, which was a great hardship to parents and children. In September 1971, St. Thomas and St. Pius X combined their Religious Education programs. Then in 1988 St. Thomas began its own Religious Ed. Program under the direction of Carol White and Milt Jacobs in 1988.

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1927 - 1956 Most. Rev. Edward J. Kelly, D.D. 1918 – 1927- Most. Rev. Daniel M. Gorman, D.D.,LL.D 1893 – 1918 Rt. Rev. Alphonses J. Glorieux, D.D. First Bishop of Idaho Diocese of Boise Bishops of the past 1918 - 1956

Slide 46:

1989 -1998 Most Rev. Bishop Tod D. Brown, D.D 1962 - 1988 Most. Rev. Sylvester Treinen, D.D 1956 - 1962 Most Rev. James J. Byrne, D.D.,S.T.D. Bishops of the Past cont. 1956 - 1998

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1999 - present Rt. Rev. Bishop Michael P. Driscoll Bishop Driscoll – Instructions on the New Missal 3 rd . Edition Together We Are One St. John’s Cathedral, Boise, ID “ All at the Table ”

Slide 48:

1991-1993 - Pastor Fr. Lyle Konen, C.Ss.R Do you remember? Redemptorist – 1980 & 90’s 1984- Fr. Jim Farrell, C.Ss.R Deacon Dennis Lee, C.Ss.R Fr. Bob Simon, C.Ss.R

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Rectory Chapel- Front –Fr. Rassley, Brother Martin Back –Fr . Molthen, Fr. Paul Miller Fr. Jennings (center) celebrates his 60 th and along with Fr. Lassell & Fr. Nuttman Redemptorists in the 90’s Fr. Rod Garvey, C.Ss.R

Slide 50:

Fr. Paul Miller - Came from Seward, Alaska served as Pastor of St. Thomas from 1987 – 1991 and Rector of the Redemptorist Community. He was assisted by Fr. David Gross and Fr. Edward Jennings. Fr. Miller now resides at this time at Notre Dame Retreat Center in Canandaigua, New York. Fr. Paul Miller, Pastor- St. Thomas -1987 -1991 Fr. Jennings had served off an on at St. Thomas from 1935 to 1989 when he left for the St. Clement Health Care Center in Liguori, MO. He died at the age of 96. He was famous for his bicycling to the hospital and his walks around Tubbs Hill. Fr. Edward Jennings in the Rectory Chapel 1986 - Fr. David Gross, C.Ss.R - Assistant

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Special Memories for Catherine Roche. After losing the opportunity to crown the Blessed Mother when she was very young, Fr. Paul Miller surprised Catherine at mass as he tells her story and invites her arm in arm to do the honors on this day to crown our Blessed Mother. May 1, 1987 – Blessed Mother Crowning

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1990 CENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONS St. Thomas was in its 100 years existence as a Parish. In November 1890 Fr. Robert Smith, S.J. from Gonzaga celebrated the first Mass at the new little church on Fourth Street. It was also 100 years when the State of Idaho was admitted into the Union, July 7, 1890. At this time the Fr. Paul Miller realized how life in the parish had increased and decided to pursue a financial drive to refurbish the parish buildings, which included the church. On February 4 th , 1990, $35,245. dollars had been pledged and $17, 690 dollars were received in contributions by 42 parishioners. By the end of February total pledges amounted to almost $90,000. and contributions $40, 636. which brought them very close to their goal of $193,000. dollars. Refurbishing and restoration work began.

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GENERIOUS GIFT ASSIST IN RESTORATIONS… In July 1990, Ellen Healy, a IHM graduate in 1924, gifted the parish through her Estate a classic upright grand piano that is still in use in the Parish Center. To the Church Restoration Fund s he donated $110,000, and another $110,000. to the Cemetery Fund. It was not long after that the Diocese of Boise requested St. Thomas funds be transferred to a Savings account in Boise. These funds along with monies already collected from the parishioners for church restorations were transferred to Boise. Noting that these funds would always be available to St. Thomas for future needs. 1990 -Preparing the Gilded Cross Were you there?

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A MOMENTOUS TASK…. One of the big attention getters for the surrounding neighbors was the restoration of the Steeple/Tower. Jim Bellamy, Will Cline and John McHugh were major players in this endeavor.

Slide 55:

Celebrating 100 yrs. 1890 – 1990 The beginning years of St. Thomas Parish Fr. Patrick J. O’Brien, C.Ss.R Provincial Superior Fr. O’Brien shared his thoughts of joy, pride, gratitude and nostalgia at this momentous occasion. Thanking St. Thomas Parish for the deep friendship and support given to the Redemptorist over the years, and a sking that Our Lord for His continued blessings on St.Thomas parish in the years to come. Solemn High Mass at St . Thomas Most Rev. Bishop Tod Brown Celebrant

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MEMORIES CONTINUE… Father Michael Logan, Pastor -1993- December 1996 Died of Leukemia on January 19 th , 2001. He was Pastor and Rector at the same time from 1993-1996. He was succeeded by Father Richard Quinn, C.Ss.R. 1995 - Fr. Logan w/ First Communion Class Fr. Michael Logan

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CELEBRATIONS CONTINUE… On Saturday, September 15, 1990, the Redemptorist celebrated their 75 th anniversary in an informal way. The highlights of the Centennial event was the Sunday 3 pm mass, concelebrated with Bishop Tod Brown of Boise, Bishop Nicholas Walsh, a retired bishop of Idaho and the Very Reverend Patrick O’ Brien, Redemptorist Provincial Superior of the Oakland Province and Father George King, Dean of the Northern Deanery and around twenty five other Redemptorist and diocesan priest. On this day Margery Capaul, long time secretary and bursar at St. Thomas, received the honors of Redemptorist Oblate. In 1990 St. Thomas P arish Council voted to complete a pictorial parish directory. It was the first one for the parish.

Slide 58:

Fr. David Gross, Parochial Vicar & Bishop Todd Brown 1990 – Redemptorist Celebrating 75 Years of Service in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Diamond Jubilee Celebration… Bishop Todd Brown, Redemptorist and Brothers

Slide 59:

100 Years… Sharing special moments and memories Catherine Roche & Fr. Nuttman Marge Capaul – Secretary for over 29 years, retired 2001 -receives Oblate honors Oh Boy –Yummy!! Fellowship & Dinner enjoyment

Slide 60:

St. Vincent de Paul facilities completed - January 22, 1960. Today it has grown existentially since then, serving over 3,000 individuals in 2010 . St. Vincent de Paul latest project. The Kathy Reed Home – Low income Senior Housing – February 2011 ST VINCENT de PAUL…Making a difference in the Community Current Board Members: John Bruning –President Linda Mitchell = 1 st . Vice Pres. Terry McHugh – VP Marketing Gary Loeffler – Secretary Fr. William Crowley – Spiritual Advisor Biron Larson Konni Leichner Chris Fritz Zoelle McKenzie Dick Mott Gary Damiano John Bruning Jeff Conroy- Exec. Director

Slide 61:

November 1961 - Fr. Donald Herdner with the Knights of Columbus Officers The Knights of Columbus organization began in the first decade of St. Thomas Parish. J. M. Flynn was the first Grand Knight. Service to brother Knights and their families, Church and Community 2010-2011 -Knights of Columbus Officers Grand Knight-Robert Bluhm (center) L – R – Gordon Ramsden, Treasure, Jack Moore, Guard, Mike Anderson, Trustee, Nick Theisen, Warden, Tom Dannenbrink, Financial Secretary, Scott Maxwell, Recorder, Joe Drobnock, Trustee, Dave Gervais, Chancellor Time and Talent in Church and Community - Knights of Columbus ..

Slide 62:

Making a difference in Church and Community … 50 th - Anniversary –Catholic Daughters with… Fr . George Rassley , C.Ss.R (center) L –R-Rosemary M c Grath , Regent, Bonnie McDowell, Rita Cline, Pat Castellan, Roberta Dube’, Mary Kay Russell, State Regent Current CDA Officers are: Beth Franz, Regent, Marlene Herby, Vice Regent, Mary Hawkins, Recording Secretary, Sandra Gardner, Treasure, Teresa Gold, Financial Secretary, Rosemary McGrath, State District Deputy North , Chaplin – Fr. Michael Irwin. CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS organization - called Our Lady of the Lake Court, first began in 1947 at St. Thomas Parish. Celebrated their 50 th Anniversary of their founding on Saturday, October 25 th , 1997. Their yearly Book Review in February is one of their most popular events. Theresa Gold, Beth Franz, S andra Gardner, Marlene Herby

Slide 63:

OFFICERS - Mary Lou Kopf-President- Beverly Sieczkowski Recording Secretary, Joey Haines, Treasurer, Theresa Gold, Funeral Luncheon Coordinator., Prudy McGrath, Vice President (not pictured ) 2009 – Kitchen Crew - preparing Luncheon

Slide 64:

Fr. Quinn was instrumental in the spiritual growth of St. Thomas through Parish Missions. He served as Pastor to a number of Redemptorist communities and served as a Chaplin in the US Army. At this time he is Pastor at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Kansas City, MO 1996 -1999 Father Richard Quinn, C.Ss.R, Pastor a nd last Redemptorist to serve St. Thomas 1996 -Fr. Roger LaChance & Fr. Dick Quinn Confirmation time ??

Slide 65:

FARWELL TO THE REDEMPTORIST AND FRIENDSHIPS In November of 1998 a gathering of the Redemptorist order in St. Louis order concluded that because of the reclining number of personnel in the Provence that the Redemptorist would withdraw for St. Thomas and six other locations that they were serving at the time. June 30, 199 was the decided date. Early December, 1998 the first Rectory that was attached to the Monastery was demolished. It was used as a parlor for meetings, classes, daily mass in the winter and storage. Asbestos in the building made it a more difficult task. On June 6 th 1999 a Farewell mass was celebrated by Fr. Quinn and Fr. Rassley. A reception followed to give thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the Redemptorist who served St. Thomas Parish for 85 years with much unselfish dedication.

Slide 66:

1999- FARWELL (Until we meet again) L –R – Fr. Bob Simon, Fr. Jim Farrell, Fr. Dick Quinn, Fr. George Rassley, Fr. George Dawson, ??

Slide 67:

Father Jim was Pastor at St. Thomas at the time of his death on March 19, 2005, leaving us with these words “ “Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow, but remember me in every tomorrow. “ He is well remembered for his humorous jokes after mass, with hopes that all would leave church with a smile. And of course lets not forger his two “best friends” May 1999 – March 2005 Fr . James E. Rodenspiel . He succeeded Father Quinn in May 1999, and was the first Diocesan priest since Father Purcell.

Slide 68:

ENHANCING THE MUSIC… The pipe organ, purchased for $ 8,000.00, was built in 1923 by the Mudler-Hunter Co., Inc. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I t was installed and first used in a church service on or about Easter Sunday of 1924. In 1975 the organ was re-voiced to meet the liturgical expectations of Vatican II.  In 1991, for a cost of $67,000, it was upgraded with an addition of the III and IV rank mixture stops. Its value at this completion was $250,000. Two additional sets of pipes were installed later in August, 2002, bringing the pipes to a total of 1210.

Slide 69:

IMACUALATE HEART ACADEMY ALUMNI On July 28 th 2000, the Academy celebrated their Millennium Reunion. Many alumni attended . It began Saturday with golf, boat trips and picnic at the City Park. On Sunday at Noon Father Haugen celebrated a special mass. It was followed by a reception luncheon in St. Thomas Parish Center. One of the main purposes behind this “special reunion” was to help raise funds for the new Holy Family Catholic School. IHM former graduates, Jerry and Ellen Jaeger offered to match any donation given for the new school building. (no available picture at this time) Past Alumni – Were you there?

Slide 70:

LONGEST SERVING REDEMPTORIST in Coeur d’Alene. Fr. George Rassley. b orn in Worden, Mt, August 30, 1928. He attended the Holy Redeemer College in Oakland, California, 1942 – 1947. Joined the Redemptorist novitiate in 1948 and was ordained on June 29, 1953. He celebrated his first mass at St. Thomas on July 5, 1953. On July - 2004 he celebrated his 50 th Anniversary to the priesthood. He dedicated himself to many causes in our church and community. Among these were serving as Chaplin for the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters and St. Vincent de Paul Society. Active also at Holy Family Catholic School. It was a sad day for many when he was called to return to Order in Ligouri, Missouri. At this time he resides at St. Clement Health Care. Much of the history you are reading is from his keen memory and numerous records. 1953 - 2004 Fr. George Rassley, C.Ss.R “ Out of sight, but not out of our hearts .”

Slide 71:

2004 – Present Fr. William Crowley, Pastor and his feline friend Golda Aug. 22, 2010… Deacon Gary and Fr. Bill blessing the Cornerstone Fr. Rassley, Fr. Bill & Sister Christine Michelich R C I A DO NOT DISTURB

Slide 72:

RCIA Bonnie Loeffler Catechists- St. Thomas Team Scott Maxwell Fr. Bill Crowley Carol Erickson 2010 -Catechumens –Candidates & Sponsors 2011 -Welcoming new friendships Plus support staff to numerous to mention… Walking with the Lord

Slide 73:

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- K-8 th Grade John Kastelic – Leader of the Clan Teachers and Helpers Camp Tekakwitha visits Cataldo Mission Working hard making Posters

Slide 74:

TIME AND TALENT… St. Thomas Community Kitchen Crew & Santa Clause sharing time and talent with love and care. Tuesdays’ Community Kitchen… Feeding the hungry… Assistants – John, Ted, Mike, Dave Talent of Dianna Decker & crew Christmas 2009

Slide 75:

RIGHT TO LIFE MARCH Elizabeth Benson, Nick Steiner, Jacob McDonald, Madison Rinaldo COOKIE TIME… with Katie Moore, Nick Steiner St Thomas High School Religious Ed – …and Alana Sundahl, Jacob McDonald, Madison Rinaldo & Elizabeth Benson Dianna Decker – Leader of the Gang

Slide 76:

Chandelier Restoration in the Church Getting the job done…. Let there be light! 2010

Slide 77:

St. Thomas 100 th Anniversary Celebrations - May 1, 2010 Reception - Family – Friends and Fellowship Bill Bridges & Emily Cahill

Slide 78:

August 22, 2010 St. Thomas 2 nd 100 Anniversary Event Pricilla Spivey sharing memories with Louise Bluhm. Picnic and Ice Cream Social BBQ -Chef & Helpers Ice Cream anyone? Don Welcomes All ! Where it all began… Hello to one and all!

Slide 79:

November 6, 2010 -100 Anniversary 3 rd Event Pre-Holiday Bazaar Willene Gagnon & Lois Nimtz Nancy Johnson Cookies & Crafts Sale Louise Bluhm & Val Ordway Checking it all out CDA –Lunch Prep Sheila Paquin – Leighann & Mary Frances Conniff

Slide 80:

St . Thomas the Apostle 100 th. Anniversary Grand Celebration March 6, 2011 In anticipation … Fr. Konen, Fr. Quinn, Fr. Cleary Fr. Bill Crowley K of C Honor Guards participating– Milt Schauble, Larry Major, Greg Fry, Gordon Ramsden, Gary Fessler, Andy Finney, Clarence Finney, Don Anderson

Slide 81:

Bishop Driscoll & Fr. Bill Crowley Fr. Quinn & Fr. Godinez (Pako) Fr. Cleary & Fr. Konen Where it all begins…..

Slide 82:

Celebrated Mass – March 6, 2011 Dn. Gary Jacobs & Altar Servers…. Bishop Driscoll Bishop Driscoll, Dn. Gary, Fr. Quinn, Fr. Cleary

Slide 83:

Go in Peace to Love and Serve….

Slide 85:

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish 1890 – 2011 Over 100 years of history Memories on Ice... & Memorabilia Sheila Paquin & Mary Frances Coniff

Slide 86:

Grand Celebration Brunch – Coeur d’ Alene Resort Welcome – Prayer - Sharing Jerry Jaeger Fr. Bill Crowley Bishop Michael Driscoll John McHugh Don Johnston Ellen Jaeger

Slide 87:

A feast.. …for All !

Slide 88:

Sharing the moments and building memories

Slide 89:

Gifts to cherish - In gratitude and thanksgiving ! Fr. Bill Crowley Bishop Michael Driscoll

Slide 90:

Loyal and Faithful Parishioners for over 50 years… Pat Arney Eleanor Johnston-Smith Frances Arnhold Charlotte Keane Robert Capaul Enith Lenz Kathy Capaul Bonnie McDowell Colleen Chase Lina McFarland Edna Dawson Mary McFarland William Delyea Jr. John McHugh John Engwer Kenneth Miller Marian Engwer Evelyn Montreiul Willene Gagnon Marilyn Moore Opal Hammrich Ja-Nee Newby Donna Hurrell Dixie Reid Patrick Hurrell Ruth Semanko Cecelia Jacobs Terrill Semanko Catherine Jacobson Pat Sinclair Thomas Jacobson Elizabeth Stoeklen Daniel Jacobson Addie Taylor Michael Jacobson Eric Taylor Ellen Jaeger Karen Trusty Rosemary Jessick Marilynne Wachsmuth Dolores Johnson Gilbert Waschmuth Donald Johnston Patrick Williams Fern Johnston Over 85 years ….Don Johnston & Tom Jacobson

Slide 91:

Fond farewells…

Slide 92:

Goodbye & Farewell … and thanks to all who have shared in our History Fr. Richard Quinn, C.Ss.R, Fr. Bill Crowley, Bishop Michael Driscoll, Fr. Lyle Konen, C.Ss.R, Fr. William Cleary, C.Ss.R

Slide 93:

Current Pastoral Council Scot Maxwell Dennis Johnson Diane Rutherford Louise Bluhm Bob Bohac Sheila Paquin Stormie Woolsey Fr. Bill Crowley, Pastor

Slide 94:

Fr. Bill Crowley-Pastor “May God continue to bless us in all our endeavors and keep us in His loving hands.” PARISH STAFF Holding us all together…

Slide 95:

It was noted in our 1987 Brief History to quote, “doubts that our church would still be here” at our 100 year Anniversary. We beg to differ. M uch dedication, loyalty and service has brought us to this momentous time in our church history. Let us forge ahead with vision, dreams and hopes that in another 100 years from now they will be singing our praises. God bless us all! Winter or Spring, a glorious sight to behold! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN…

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