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Alpha-Mania is a pre-reading play program designed to excite children 3-5 about the alphabet, while significantly improving their phonological awareness. Alpha-Mania has taught hundreds of pre-schoolers a love for language, and helps children overcome the literacy barrier in a fun, warm atmosphere. Contact Ruth Rumack's Learning Space for more information on classes or licensing opportunities. 416.925.1225 www.ruthrumack.c om


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Introduce your pre-schooler to the magic and excitement of the alphabet Pre-reading programs available at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space and at pre-schools and daycares by licensing agreement Alpha-Mania™

What is Alpha-Mania? : 

What is Alpha-Mania? Conceived and Created by Ruth Rumack, Alpha-Mania is a pre-reading creative play program based on phonological awareness. Alpha-Mania teaches pre-schoolers a love for language and helps children overcome the literacy barrier in a fun and warm atmosphere.

Who Teaches Alpha-Mania? : 

Who Teaches Alpha-Mania? At our location, Alpha-Mania is delivered by a certified teacher with extensive experience in early childhood education. Our Alpha-Mania teachers encourage a curiosity and a love for language. Each week, children will explore with their teacher a new group of letters by sound, name, and shape.

Children Adore Alpha-Mania : 

Children Adore Alpha-Mania Alpha-Mania provides children with a fun and entertaining learning experience. This engaging environment gives children the confidence to learn and tackle new challenges.

Parents Rave About Alpha-Mania : 

Parents Rave About Alpha-Mania Parents love Alpha-Mania because it is based on the thorough research of the five phonological predictors of reading success; rhyming and alliteration, blending, segmenting, recognizing sound-letter combinations, and recognizing sounds within words.

Alpha-Maniacs in Action : 

Alpha-Maniacs in Action Alphabet Fishing! Practicing our letters Letter Matching!

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During the school year, Alpha-Mania is available for 3 to 5 year olds. Lunch time programs are offered on weekdays or weekends from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Camp Alpha-Mania is available for 3 to 5 year olds. Week long, half day camp sessions are offered 9:00am to 12:00 noon during the Summer, Winter and March Breaks. Alpha-Mania programs can be taught at your home, on a weekly basis, or for play dates and for birthday parties. Programs are offered to Day Cares and Nursery Schools by licensing agreement.

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Alpha-Mania For the love of letters Call or Click here to register or for information on licensing opportunities Created by and Owned Exclusively by Ruth Rumack's Learning Space 720 Spadina Avenue, suite 300. M5S 2T9 PH: 416.925.1225 Email: Alpha-Mania™

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