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ERP Consultants India provides ERP Selection and Implementation services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India.


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hello, As i have to take the case studies under,erp in class,will you please allow me to download this ppt?

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Inven Mfg Customer Info Sales Management Information System Do you have many “Islands Of Automation” speaking different languages? Inventory Customer Info Sales ERP Consultants India will integrate information repositories Management Information System/Decision Support System

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ERP Consultants India will make the pain go away Is ERP Implementation becomingexcruciatingly painful?

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ERP Consultants India will bring back Sense of Direction Not sure about your ERP implementation?

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ERP Consultants India will put ERP Back on Track ERP Not Going Anywhere?

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Bridge between you and your ERP implementer NOT facilitating free flow of Ideas ERP Consultants India will mend the bridges Offering ERP Project Management & ERP Project Audit services

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ERP on your mind while golfing? ERP Consultants India will let you get back to getting hole in one

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Spot the Difference Contest Planned ERP Implemented ERP In the virtual world of ERP there are differences And stark differences ERP Consultants India will ensure that your plans are realized

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Feeling Lost? To ERP or Not To ERP ERP Consultants India can answer

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Feeling drained in trying to decide To ERP or not to ERP? ERP Consultants India will stop the brain drain

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ERP Consultants India can answer Tried meditating to decide To ERP or not to ERP?

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Looking to measure your ERP’s effectiveness ? ERP Consultants India will audit your implementation

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