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Business to Business PR Trends: A Guide on what to expect for 2013


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Business to Business PR Trends :

Business to Business PR Trends W hat to expect from 2013

It’s all about the Content:

It’s all about the Content S ignificant increase in importance of content, particularly online Information and content is now more valuable than ever in shaping an organisations image in both the online and offline worlds. B2B PR agencies must be able to source, organise and customise a range of content for distribution across a myriad of platforms

It’s all about the Content:

Corporate social media accounts are now a necessity C ompanies which provide insightful and useful content will find themselves driving regular traffic to their blogs and websites I t is crucial that the content is new, fresh and valuable to the end user. Content also positively influences a company’s placing in organic search engines with valuable content and social shares fast replacing keywords and link building as the main focus for SEO strategies. It’s all about the Content

Human Influences:

Human Influences New content relies heavily on its audience to share and spread the message to the masses. Market influencers in your industry will become increasingly important in their ability to shape and spread the image of a brand across the various media channels . These brand influencers will aid in generating a personality and human image to corporate businesses, improving their credibility and reputation.

The Extra Step:

The Extra Step It is important for brands to stand out from the crowd Use of images, videos, presentations and infographics will all continue to grow in popularity T ake the extra step and use a more creative means for communicating your message – a sure fire way to make your brand stand out from the competing crowd.

The Social Boom:

The Social Boom 2013 is the time for all B2B businesses to wake up to the power of social media It will become easier for companies to identify the cost benefit of social media activities, and thus justify increased expense in this area LinkedIn Marketing is fast becoming the must have social tool for B2B companies, utilising the professional social network for lead generation.

Importance of Protecting Reputation:

Importance of Protecting Reputation As B2B companies become more open and interactive with its audience, the importance of protecting the company reputation will become more important than ever. All B2B PR communications must practice defensive PR to avoid any reputation damaging crises in the future.

Offline PR:

Offline PR O ffline PR, particularly in the B2B field which targets over 35s, will continue to play a crucial role in brand development Offline content and events, complemented by a social media strategy, can aid in developing brand engagement between businesses


Email The long maligned email marketing tool will remain through 2013 and continue to play an important role in content distribution. The emphasis for email campaigns in 2013 will be on personalisation and exact targeting to boost the relevance and therefore effectiveness of the message.

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile Marketing 2013 will be the year where businesses fully take advantage of the boom in mobile marketing The importance for B2B companies to be “mobile” particularly when it comes to public relations, will reach critical heights The public demand for information to be available on all devices at any time has pushed PR content in to being developed and distributed accordingly

Real Time Marketing:

Real Time Marketing 2013 will see the advent of real time marketing. With the prolificacy of digital media allowing both customers and businesses to interact freely with each other, following real time news, updates and opinions B2B professionals will be required to react to the dynamic nature of the environment by initiating marketing campaigns based upon real time events, responding directly to news and opinion as and when they occur.

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