Web Development Trends 2018

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Here are some web development trends that are expected to have a major global impact on the industry in 2018. For more details visit our website or contact us 888-788-3247


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Web Development Trends 2018

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In 2018, Functional Programming especially benefits from the recent JavaScript improvements such as ES6 and ES7 .

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SPA based on JavaScript continues to gain popularity in web development trends . It shows high-performance and decrease web development time . Basically, the development is based on React and Angular frameworks.

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Chat bots created on the basis of artificial intelligence and neural networks will continue to evolve helping to increase communication online. I wonder what it will lead to, but this is unconditional web development trends 2018.  Bots

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Progressive Web Apps The  progressive web apps  are applications that take advantage of the features of an internet browser, with a mobile application interface. These  progressive web apps  can be designed faster than mobile applications, work for all users, and are generally easier to deploy and maintain, which is good for both the developer and the user.

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many multinational banks are considering Block chain to deploy in their system in order to ensure full security to their precious data.

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