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Download Quorum’s ABT Report: www.quorum.net/abtr Quorum’s report makes a strong case for “Always Be Testing” on a daily basis. It categorically states that, contrary to popular belief, if a business chooses its Disaster Recovery Solution correctly, even daily real-world tests are not time-consuming, costly, complex or a drain on resources.


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Making the Disaster Recovery Planning case for “Always Be Testing” (ABT):

Making the Disaster Recovery Planning case for “Always Be Testing” (ABT) Download Now www.quorum.net/abtr

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Why “Always Be Testing”?:

Why “Always Be Testing”?

Hard Facts 1:

Hard Facts 1 Most small to mid-sized businesses experience at least one system downtime a year. One hour of downtime costs a mid-sized business $74,000 on an average . 1 It takes 30 hours on an average for data disaster recovery . 2 $ 1 Aberdeen Group 2 Harris Interactive Survey

Hard Facts 2:

Hard Facts 2 Disaster Recovery (DR) is likely to fail without the right procedure. Testing quarterly or even monthly is not enough. Tape, disk or cloud backup alone is not foolproof. System downtime is unavoidable.

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Yet, most organizations believe that Disaster Recovery Testing is more trouble than it’s worth. DO YOU? *2011 Survey Only 28% of small to mid-sized businesses have tested their backup at all*. Most resort to WORKAROUNDS to save TIME & COST… …but it really doesn’t!

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Do you believe that without DR Testing your data and applications could be recovered successfully? Unlikely, if you haven’t chosen your Disaster Recovery Solution correctly.

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Choose your Disaster Recovery Solution correctly with daily real-world tests that are : Time-consuming Costly Complex A drain on resources NOT Advantages of DR Testing Assured recovery in minutes Known, successful recovery of applications and systems [not offered by traditional solutions] No complicated planning & execution

Constant Change:

Remember, your hardware, software and systems are constantly changing: Your data backup/data recovery must take these changes into account. Your disaster recovery solution has to be updated to-the-minute. Shortcuts, or traditional testing methods, don’t work. Without daily DR Testing, your data, servers and applications may be in danger. For example, overlapping daily & weekly updates from Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender Definitions, SAP Security, Microsoft’s Patch Tuesdays/Extraordinary Patch Tuesdays, Adobe Flash etc. are altering your system environment constantly. Constant Change

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Even the tiniest change in your IT system can increase the odds of a future glitch in your data recovery. Ask yourself Is there a chance that your rebuild from a backup will fail ? Could incompatibilities of hardware and software prevent a server from booting up ?


Did you know there are many reasons for failed recoveries ? Corrupted backup media (disk or tape based). Tape drive failure – not writing/reading accurately. Missing tape(s) in a series of tapes to restore. New replacement of tape drive that can’t read older tape formats. Human error. Vulnerability

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Are you sure your existing Disaster Recovery Testing is safeguarding your company's revenue and reputation ?

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In short, you must be able to test every day. So you must have the correct Disaster Recovery Solution, with one click recovery and daily testing. Real World ABT Success Talent recruiting firm 24 Seven, Inc. had just finished testing its hybrid cloud DR solution when Superstorm Sandy hit in October 2012. Thanks to its commitment to ABT, the organization maintained business as usual, without missing a beat. Even though its Manhattan headquarters had to close, operations critical to payroll (24 Seven’s main responsibility) were carried through. The reputation of the company remained intact, thanks to foresight and diligence.

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It’s simple: Our solutions work! And you have peace of mind. Quorum Disaster Recovery Solutions Assured Recovery One-Click Recovery Easy Testing Capabilities No ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’ No Fine Print

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Quorum provides assured, one click backup, recovery and continuity. Quorum’s simple and cost-effective solutions safeguard your revenue, customers and reputation. Quorum Solutions reduce downtime to mere minutes with a single click. Quorum Disaster Recovery Solutions: COMMITED TO ALWAYS BE TESTING TRADITIONAL BACKUP ONE-CLICK RECOVERY BACKUP ONLY MANUAL RECREATION ONGOING RESTORE, READY FOR TESTING APPLICATION OS & DRIVERS MACHINE

Thank You FREE “Always Be Testing” Report:

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