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Maximising opportunities from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and how these can be embedded within LAAs: 

Maximising opportunities from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and how these can be embedded within LAAs Councillor Stephen Castle Chair Nations & Regions East


The East of England will rise to the challenge of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games by creating a sustainable legacy that extends far beyond the sporting landscape and includes: economic development and regeneration; employment; skills; tourism; and culture & sport. and health

The Regional Structure: 

The Regional Structure


The aspiration To connect place shaping and distinctiveness of place with 2012 2012 and the Cultural Olympiad provides us with a once in a lifetime opportunity, an opportunity to address local priorities, energise communities and change people’s lives


Three practical examples of how 2012 can be used as a catalyst: A cross cutting approach A local ‘priority theme’ A 2012 project portfolio


A cross cutting approach NI 198 Children travelling to school, mode of transport used Example of local KPI - No of people visiting (overseas and domestic) - Total spend per head NI 6 Number of people participating in regular volunteering Example of local KPI - Number of companies signed into Well at Work projects - Training for/take up of procurement opportunities NI 8, 57 & 110 - Adult participation in sport - Youth participation in sport - Participation in positive activities NI 9 10, 11, 110 & Example of local KPI Use of libraries Visits to museums & galleries Engagement in the arts Participation in positive activities Visits to heritage sites NI 119 & 137 - Self reported measure of peoples overall health & wellbeing Healthy life expectancy at 65 NI 79 & 80 - Achievement of level 2 and 3 qualification by the age of 19 Local Indicator - No of people involved In PVP


A local “priority theme” The theme: 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games The measure: Increasing participation in Culture and Sport at the local level. Could be defined by regular participation in sport (adults and young people) and participation in specific arts, heritage and cultural activities and events that form part of the Cultural Olympiad. Local level could be districts or specific Super Output Areas. The target: to be negotiated with GO The data source: Participation in arts, museums, heritage sites and libraries can be measured at local level with an agreed methodology, sport measured by Active People (3 year rolling survey)


Using 2012 projects to deliver against a variety of local priorities Overall general satisfaction with the area Participation in regular volunteering Reducing obesity among children and adults Enjoy and achieve (educational achievement) Positive activities for young people Green travel


Some questions….. What are your local area priorities? How will your area deliver against these? What role could 2012 play and what appetite is there to utilise 2012 as a ‘local place shaping’ tool? What added value does 2012 bring to members, officers, partner organisations, citizens, media etc? How will you drive this forward and who needs to be involved?


The Challenge Articulating the role 2012 can play in developing a lasting community benefit and demonstrating how 2012 can deliver against local priorities Tight timescales Branding Robust measurement – need to find local solutions Overcoming scepticism about 2012 Negotiations internally across departments and 2 tier structures


The Opportunity To build a legacy while continuing to address local priorities – by aligning strategy To exploit a once in a lifetime opportunity to revitalise common purpose in existing partnerships, and to build new ones To take advantage of new resources – the Coordinators’ Network, the Creative Programmer To do something different - within communities and across boundaries


Next Steps Consultation with local areas Utilise the coordinators network and the Creative Programmer Further discussion between Local Government Improving Performance Network and Nations & Regions East Develop local thinking on the place of 2012 based on local need Your views and opinions?

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