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Charlie Arehart, CTO Deploying CFML with BlueDragon Don’t Migrate—Redeploy

About Your Speaker: 

About Your Speaker Newly named CTO of New Atlanta 6 yrs CF, 20 yrs IT experience Tech co-editor ColdFusion Dev Journal magazine Frequent writer for them & Macromedia DevNet Co-authored new ColdFusion MX Bible Certified advanced CF 4/5/MX developer Frequent speaker to user groups, conferences worldwide


Overview BlueDragon Introduction Deployment Challenges Installation Issues Frequently Asked Questions

Moving to J2EE or .NET?: 

Moving to J2EE or .NET? The technology platform “highway” has split, and most organizations today are faced with choosing directions between Sun's J2EE and Microsoft's .NET Corporate/Industry standardization Planned reduction in overall IT-related costs Consolidation/Collaboration requiring tight integration among disparate systems

Which Path is Correct?: 

Which Path is Correct? New Atlanta is leading the way with native platform integration and deployment of CFML on .NET and J2EE. Freedom of Choice

Either Path is Correct…: 

Either Path is Correct… Shield, protect and preserve your existing investments in CFML code and expertise by deploying with BlueDragon on your technology platform, web server and operating system of choice. Migrate, Integrate and Extend CFML Applications with: ASP’s or JSP’s C# or Java .NET or J2EE

Avoiding Migration Costs: 

Avoiding Migration Costs We can help you avoid the costs of migrating off of CFML, such as moving to JSP or ASP.NET Budgetary Costs Significant Cost of Migration to New Platform Re-Write in-house, out-source, or both New Skill Sets will be needed Replace / augment resources, training on new language Sunk Costs Loss of Valuable Investment in existing CFML Can you afford to throw it all out? Loss of CFML Skill Set Loss of productivity from CFML language Opportunity Costs Time for On-Going Development lost to Time spent on Migration

With BlueDragon You Can…: 

With BlueDragon You Can… Preserve your Investment in existing CFML code Retain and Leverage your CFML Skill Sets CFML is still the most productive web-scripting language Migrate to your New Platform easily Drag, Drop and Deploy Integrate and Extend Existing Applications Continue Developing in CFML Leverage native hi-performance platform features JSPs, Servlets, EJBs & other J2EE technologies (J2EE) ASP.NET, COM, ADO.NET, C#, VisualBasic.NET Preserve your past and continue to leverage as part of your strategic future!

BlueDragon Editions: 

BlueDragon Editions

BlueDragon Server JX: 

BlueDragon Server JX Fully Functional Web Application Server CFML (CF5 Compatible) Integrates with Servlets/JSPs JDBC Database Connectivity Built-In web server for development and testing BlueDragon CFML Engine

BlueDragon Server JX: 

BlueDragon Server JX Supported Platforms

BlueDragon for J2EE App. Servers: 

BlueDragon for J2EE App. Servers A deployment module for any J2EE Application Server CFML (CF5 Compatible) Integrates with Servlets/JSPs, EJBs and other J2EE technologies Package and Deploy within standard J2EE archives (WAR or EAR) Protect CFML source via compiled binary format option JDBC Database Connectivity BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, iPlanet Application Server, Oracle 9iAS, Borland Ent. Server, JBoss, Macromedia JRun… ServletExec, Tomcat BlueDragon CFML Engine .war, .ear

BlueDragon for J2EE App. Servers: 

BlueDragon for J2EE App. Servers Deploy CFML within a standard J2EE archive file (WAR/EAR), on any standard J2EE platform. Base WAR file size is under 2 Megabytes Deploy CFML within compiled binaries, protecting intellectual property. Deploy CFML across multiple independent web applications on a single server Standard Secure Flexible Compact

Drag, Drop and Deploy…: 

Drag, Drop and Deploy…

BlueDragon for .NET: 

BlueDragon for .NET A Plug-in module for Microsoft’s .NET Platform CFML Hybrid CFML/.NET applications Native high performance integration ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, Visual Basic.NET, COM Integrated .NET Session Data Sharing Native Database Connectivity BlueDragon CFML Engine

BlueDragon Configurations: 

BlueDragon Configurations

Feature Comparison Matrix – I: 

Feature Comparison Matrix – I *Functionality Dependant on Deployment Server **Available Soon: BlueDragon V3.1

Feature Comparison Matrix – II: 

Feature Comparison Matrix – II

Who Is New Atlanta?: 

Who Is New Atlanta? Founded in 1997, privately held New Atlanta is located in Alpharetta, Georgia (north metro Atlanta). New Atlanta develops, markets, distributes, and supports advanced server-side software products for Sun Microsystems’ Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft .NET platforms. New Atlanta's active technical leadership includes charter membership in the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages (JSP) Expert Groups, in addition to JDBC Expert Group, as part of Sun's Java Community Process.

New Atlanta Product Line: 

New Atlanta Product Line New Atlanta develops, markets, distributes, and supports advanced server-side software products needed to deploy and administer dynamic Internet web sites and web-enabled applications.


Products New Atlanta’s flagship product is a light weight web application server that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages (JSP) standards as an add-on to Microsoft, Netscape, iPlanet and Apache web servers First released in December 1997; the current version, ServletExec 4.2, was released on October 11, 2002 Supports Java Servlet 2.3, JSP 1.2, Java WSDP 1.0, and JSTL 1.0 Type 4 (pure Java) JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server First released in December 1998, currently supports JDBC 1.2, 2.1 & 3.0 specifications Type 3 JDBC Driver “JTurbo Server” currently in beta CFML on J2EE and .NET Migrate, natively integrate & extend CFML on J2EE or .NET Technology first used in production in 1998; acquired by New Atlanta in November 2001

New Atlanta Customers: 

New Atlanta Customers Over 10,000 customers in 65 countries From small corporations to Fortune 500 & Global 500 Web-based retail sales (<20 units) Single-server websites (small company, municipality…) Multi-CPU, multi-server websites (i.e. Banking, eCommerce) Land’s End, Budget Rent-A-Car, West Law, … VAR/OEM and volume sales (20-1500 units) Seamless bundle, web-enabling new and existing applications Cisco, Lucent, Morgan Stanley, ESRI, Information Builders All major vertical industries Finance, Telecom, Healthcare, Education, Software, Energy, Media

Key Features and Benefits: 

Key Features and Benefits J2EE-based features, as in CFMX J2ee sessions Integration with Libraries, Java classes JSPs side-by-side with CFML, and shared variables, include/forward Forward among CFML pages Locking issues reduced: handled by the JVM URLSessionFormat function for managing sessions without cookies Similar integration opps on .NET Also, native integration with COM Deployment of CFML apps on J2EE servers as standard J2EE web apps With CFMX for J2EE, deploy CF then copy code onto deployed app May not be permitted by server admins Supporting for objects on underlying J2EE or .NET platform Where substantial framework is in place to support OO Support for multiple instances on J2EE edition To protect applications from each other

Key Features and Benefits: 

Key Features and Benefits Available Free edition Free for deployment, not just development and testing All products available free (single IP) for development/testing Added CFML tags and functions Created before CFMX was released, such as CFFORWARD, CFINCLUDE PAGE=“” Others: CFDUMP with no VAR, CFIMAGE, CFIMAP, CFPAUSE CACHENAME attribute for CFQUERY For supporting named caches, more easily managed than CF 5/MX ParagraphFormat more properly does convert single CR to <BR> We don’t stress those too much Many useful additions to our administator Track datasource usage, template cache usage, more


Deployment Challenges

Deployment Challenges: 

Deployment Challenges BlueDragon has come a long way in 2 years Still, a handful of issues do still remain Some Missing CF 5 Features Some CF 5 Incompatibilities Many Missing CFMX Features Compatibility Guide explains all these Offers work-arounds where available

Missing CF 5 Features: 

Missing CF 5 Features Currently lacks support for a handful of CF5 tags: Verity, Crystal Reports, CFAPPLET, CFGRID, CFAUTHENTICATE*, and CFIMPERSONATE* CFOBJECT type=“java” only (not COM or CORBA) Cookies created via CFCOOKIE only, not CFSET or CFPARAM Query/Update: no DSN-less connections * But query of queries is supported And a handful of CF5 functions parameterexists() * authentication-related (isauthenticated, isauthorized, etc.) * * Also obsoleted or deprecated in CFMX

More CF 5 Missing Features: 

CFGRAPH: creates JPG’s only No auto-escaping of SQL statement single-quotes Use CFQUERYPARAM CFREGISTRY simulates registry operations Some CFTREE and CFTREEITEM attributes not supported More CF 5 Missing Features

Some CF 5 Incompatibilities: 

No dots in variable names (unless for prefixes or structures, of course), similar to CFMX CFAPPLICATION: NAME required Issues with whitespace within tags Would trip over < CFIF…, or <CFIF(now()…, of CFSET#name#… Closing tags w/out tag body <CFSET name=“bob”></CFSET> not allowed <CFSET name=“bob”/> is ok <CFHTTP URL=“someurl”></CFHTTP> not allowed Unless using METHOD=“post”, since CFHTTPPARAM would be nested People present us the oddest variants of CFML That work in CF 4/5 but are not according to documentation We strive to resolve these as soon as possible Often days, if not hours Some CF 5 Incompatibilities

CF 5 features due in 3.1: 

CF 5 features due in 3.1 Many issues due to be fixed in 3.1 FORM scope holds query string and form post data URL scope is an alias for FORM CALLER prefix refers only to caller’s VARIABLES scope Some WDDX issues Client variable management issues CFQueryParam issues SCALE, NULL, LIST, and SEPARATOR attributes are not supported CFSQLTYPE: CF_SQL_BIT, CF_SQL_MONEY4, CF_SQL_IDSTAMP, CF_SQL_REFCURSOR not supported Handful of locale-specific functions, and a couple others Process CFENCODEd templates

More 3.1 Additions: 

More 3.1 Additions All due to be added in 3.1 Error handling templates Debug output Suppress White Space global option CFASSOCIATE CFX C++ Custom tags More.. Also Several performance enhancements Admin improvements

CFMX Features Due in 3.1: 

CFMX Features Due in 3.1 BlueDragon supports many CFMX-like features already, more will be added Some MX features due in 3.1 XML, Web Services, Internationalization, CFTRACE, CFIMPORT of CFML, GetPageContext and other J2EE Integration opps, more Substantial compatibility planned for Release 4 timeframe


Installation Issues

Installation Issues: 

Installation Issues Installation Features Web Server Issues Sharing Code Between Versions

Installation Features: 

Installation Features BlueDragon install detects/imports CF 4/5 datasource definitions Can run BlueDragon alongside CF 4/5/MX Just be aware of potential web server conflicts …

Web Server Issues: 

Web Server Issues For given web server, only one CFML server can typically process .cfm templates (BlueDragon or CF) Just as CF5 and CFMX can’t run on the same web server Can modify this, if careful, but not supported by default installs Can install BlueDragon Server JX with typical web servers IIS, Apache, Iplanet, Netscape Enterprise Server BllueDragon Server (free edition) has web server limitations IIS on Windows Apache on Linux Like CFMX, both BlueDragon servers offer option of built-in web server for development and testing Port 8080 by default BlueDragon/J2EE will run on whatever web server/OS that any underlying J2EE server supports

Sharing Code Between Versions: 

Sharing Code Between Versions Can configure to have all CF and BlueDragon servers share same code directory For instance, running CF 5, MX, BlueDragon Server(s), CFMX for J2EE and BlueDragon/J2EE all at once All pointing at one web doc directory Such as for compatibility and regression testing How to? Depends mostly on configuring web servers appropriately Working on white paper to explain in more detail Contact me by email if you need this info before then For now, can just copy code among web doc directories for each web server


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Frequently Asked Questions Is CFML a dying language? We don’t think so. Indeed, we want to help keep it alive Are you stealing business from Macromedia? We’re trying to keep people in the CFML fold, protect investments Isn’t Macromedia upset with BlueDragon? They promote that CFML is now no longer proprietary Is “substantial compatibility” enough? If we provide key deployment solutions, is complete compatibility as critical? Are people really swapping servers frequently? Are you “breaking the spec” of CFML? There is no spec, and the extensions we offer were added before CFMX was released If Macromedia wanted to develop a specification, we’d support it

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Frequently Asked Questions Do you offer free developer editions of all products? Yes, full function for 30 days, then limited to one IP address Is the free Server really free for production? Yes. Want to make it easy for people to stay with/move to CFML Is it crippled like CF Express was? Not nearly. It didn’t support CFMAIL, CFFILE, CFDIRECTORY, CFERROR, CFCACHE, and CFCONTENT, to name just a few. We support them all Doesn’t support CFEXECUTE, CFGRAPH, CFOBJECT/CreateObject(), CFSCHEDULE, CFWDDX, CFSERVLET (and CFFORWARD, CFIMAGE, CFIMAP, CFPAUSE) Is the free edition limited to one IP address? No, but the built-in web server is (it’s intended for dev use). This can be changed Are there BlueDragon Hosting providers? We just began a program of offering partnerships (discounts, special support) for hosting partners, as well as VAR (value added reseller) and SI (system integrator) partners

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Frequently Asked Questions Do you support Fusebox? We have customers who have deployed FB apps on BlueDragon Do you run on Mac OS X? Netware? Mainframe? BlueDragon J2EE installs on any J2EE server. If it supports these things, then BlueDragon (and your CFML) can run on them Doesn’t Macromedia offer a J2EE solution? Yes, but CFMX for J2EE does not deploy your CFML apps in a standard way and there are some server compatibility issues Why do you discuss features before release? We realize that companies need to make decisions months out What is the primary market for BlueDragon? Organizations being forced off of CFML for .NET and J2EE What is the main message to remember? Don’t rewrite—redeploy!

More Questions?: 

More Questions? Long Live CFML! If you have any questions, BlueDragon Web Site (docs, articles, whitepapers, FAQs, more) BlueDragon Interest Mailing List (customers, NAC engineers) My new BlueDragon Blog

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