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MUSIC Group 5


Task 1: Can you name any music style?

Different kinds of music: 

Different kinds of music Different kinds of English songs throughout the world~ Pop Rock and roll R & B Country music Latin music Jazz Rap/hip-hop … Music is a universal language~~


Nationality : Irish Name : Declan Galbraith Birthday: December19,1991 Let’s enjoy a beautiful melody~~


Twinkle twinkle little star How I wonder what you are? Looking at your magic light Watching over us tonight Before my dreams take me away I kneel beside my bed and pray For all the children in the dark Till tomorrow, twinkle little star.... Promise me you'll twinkle little star.... Cos everybody needs a little star.


Listen and see if you can guess which music matches which picture. Task 2 : Practice


Choral---A traditional Christmas song, which is often sung in the church on Christmas Day.


Country music is popular music in the style of music from the southern and western US. The Eagles


Rap ---A popular music in the style of music form the southern and western US.


Rock ’n’ Roll ---A style of music that was popular in the 1950s, and has a strong loud beat.


Jazz ---It was born in the US around 1890. It was sung by black people and its roots in Africa.


Classical music---Music that people consider to be serious and has been popular for a long time. Classical music


Orchestra Orchestra---A large group of people playing all kinds of musical instruments among together.


Folk music---It has been passed down from one generation to another. At first it was never written down. People learnt it from their parents. Most of the songs are about country life, the seasons, animals, and about love and sadness in people’s life. Chinese Folk Songs


1. What kind of music do you like better, Chinese or Western, classical or modern? Why? 2. Why do you like to listen to music? Task 3: Discussion


What kind of music do you like better Chinese or Western, classical or modern? Why? Possible answer I like Chinese because I think Chinese music is easy to understand. It is our culture.


I like classical music because it is serious and make people inspired. It can last long.


2. Why do you like to listen to music? Because music can enrich my life, make me feel relaxed, pleasant, funny, happy when listening to music.


Have you heard about any of the famous bands in the world? List some if you have. Task 4 Pre-reading Beyond; the Beatles of the UK , the zero o’clock of China, The 12-woman group of China; U2; Backstreet boys; Savage Garden.


Back Street Boy westlife


The Beatles


Do you know the Monkees?


The Monkees — the most popular band in the USA from 1966 to 1968! A big hit!


First reading: Read the passage quickly and do Ex 1, 2 & 4 on page 34 & 35 in your books. Task 5 Comprehending


but only one person was accepted. B. was a big hit. C. but reunited in the mid-1980s. D. to celebrate their time as a band. E. form a band because they like to write and play music.


They produced a new record in 1996 2. Most musicians get together and 3. They put an advertisement in the newspaper looking for four rock musicians, (D) (E) (A)


4. The first TV show 5. However, the band broke up about 1970, (B) (C)


1. What are the advantages if the students form a band to play in the street? Second reading : Read and answer following questions:


2. When did “The Monkees” break up and when did it reunite ? 3. Why was “The Monkees” successful in their work?


What are the advantages if people form a band to play in the street? They can earn some extra money and this can also give them a chance to realize their dream of being famous.


2. When did “The Monkees” break up and when did it reunite ? “The Monkees” broke up in about 1970 and it reunited in the Mid-1980.


3. Why was “The Monkees” successful in their work ? Because they were serious about their work and they also worked very hard.


Main idea of each paragraph Paragraph 1: dreaming of being famous musician or singer. Paragraph 2: how musicians form bands. Paragraph 3: how the band got their start. Paragraph 4: how the Monkees became serious about their business.


If we are ______ _____ ourselves, most of us have ________ __ being famous sometimes in our lives. Most musicians often meet and _____ a band. Task 6 : Consolidation( Fill in the blanks ) honest with dreamed of form


Sometimes they play in the street to __________ so that they can earn some ______ money and this also gives them a _______ to realize their dreams. There was once a band started in a different way. passers-by extra chance


The musicians of whom the band was formed ______ _______ ______ each other as well as played music, whose music and jokes were loosely _____ ___ “The Beatles”. Their exciting performances were copied by other groups. played jokes on based on


“The Monkees” played their own ___________ and wrote their own music. Though it _____ __ in 1970, it reunited in the mid-1980s and it is still popular today. instruments broke up


Why do you think music is so important in our daily life? Task 7: Creative work make life more lively, interesting, colorful, make things better for people to understand and enjoy, express one’s feeling


help one forget their pain and tiredness. develop one’s love for his country, friends, family and relatives. help people to work together and remember things well.


Today we’ve learnt the passage about the band “The Monkees” and learnt something about music. Besides, we know their success lies in their hard work and their unique style of performance. Task 8: Summary

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